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SPACE STATTION 5 - LOUNGE: Floyd exits the Vision Phone Booth and sees Elena, Smyslov, and two other Russians sitting in the lounge area.

FLOYD: Elena, how nice to see you again.

ELENA: Heywood, what a wonderful surprise to meet you here.

FLOYD: You're looking wonderful.

ELENA: Thank you, you're looking well too. This is my good friend, Dr. Heywood Floyd. I'd like you to meet Dr. Kalinan

FLOYD: How do you do.

KALINAN: How do you do.

ELENA: Dr. Stretyneva.

KALINAN: How do you do.

STRETYNEVA: How do you do.

ELENA: And this is Dr. Smyslov.

FLOYD: Oh, how do you do. I've heard a lot about you.

SMYSLOV: Hello, please sit down, huh?

There is a bit of confusion as all realize there is not enough room for another person at the table.

FLOYD: Well....

Smyslov gestures with his hand an invite for Floyd to take his chair.

SMYSLOV: No, no, please

Smyslov grabs a chair from a nearby table.

FLOYD: Well, thank you.

SMYSLOV: Would you like a drink, Doctor?

FLOYD: Oh no thanks. As a matter of fact, I haven't had breakfast yet and someone's meeting me at the restaurant. No, if you don't mind, I'll just sit with you a few minutes, then I must be off.

SYMYSLOV: Are you quite sure?

FLOYD: I'm quite sure, thank you. (turns to Elena) Well, how is Gregor?

ELENA: Oh he's fine, but he's been doing some underwater research in the Baltics. So I'm afraid we don't get a chance to see very much of each other these days.

FLOYD (chuckles): Well when you do see him, be sure to give him my regards.

ELENA: Yes of course.

FLOYD: Well, where are you all off to? Up or down?

ELENA: We're going home. We've just spent three months calibrating the new antenna at Tchalinko. . . . What about you?

FLOYD: I'm just on the way up to Clavius.

SMYSLOV (pleasantly): Ohhh, are you? . . . Well, Dr. Floyd, I hope that you don't think I'm too inquisitive, but perhaps you can clear up the great big mystery about what's been going on up there.

FLOYD: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.

SMYSLOV: Well, it's just for the past two weeks extremely odd things have been happening at Clavius.

FLOYD: Oh really?

SMYSLOV: Yes, really. Well for one thing, whenever you phone the base all you can get is a recording which repeats that the phone lines are temporarily out of order.

FLOYD: Well, probably having some trouble with their equipment, or something like that.

SMYSLOV: Yes. . . Yes, that's what we thought was the explanation at first, but it's been going on now for the past ten days.

FLOYD: You mean you haven't been able to contact anyone for the past ten days?

SMYSLOV: That's right.

FLOYD: Oh, I see.

ELENA: There's another thing, Heywood, two days ago, one of our rocket buses was denied permission for an emergency landing at Clavius.

FLOYD: Well, that does sound odd.

SMYSLOV: Yes, yes and I'm afraid we're not going to be able to allow that. Denying the men permission to land is a direct violation of the I.A.S. convention.

FLOYD: Yes, of course, of course. . . . Well, did the crew get back allright?

SMYSLOV: Yes-yes. Fortunately, they did.

FLOYD: Well, I'm glad about that.

SMYSLOV (awkward laughter): Dr. Floyd, at the risk of pressing you on a point you seem reticent to discuss, may I ask you a straightforward question?

FLOYD: Well, certainly.

SMYSLOV: Quite frankly, we have had some very reliable intelligence reports that quite a serious epidemic has broken out at Clavius. Something, apparently, of an unknown origin. Is this, in fact, what has happened?

A long, awkward pause. Floyd becomes solemn and subdued.

FLOYD: I'm sorry, Dr. Smyslov, but uh, I'm really not at liberty to discuss this.

SMYSLOV: I understand, but this epidemic could quite easily spread to our base. We should be given all the facts, Dr. Floyd.

FLOYD: Yes I know. . . As I said, I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

Elena breaks the uneasy tension between Floyd and Smyslov with a lighter change of subject.

ELENA: Now, are you sure you won't change your mind about that drink?

FLOYD: No, I'm positive. . . I really must be going.

ELENA: Well, I hope that you and your wife can come to the I.A.C. conference in June.

FLOYD: Well we're going to try, I hope we can make it.

ELENA: If you do, you remember to bring that darling little daughter with you.

FLOYD (laughs): Well that all depends on school vacations and all that sort of thing, but if we can we will. And don't forget, you got a standing invitation when you get to the States.

ELENA: Of course not. Gregor and I look foward to seeing you.

FLOYD: Well good bye Elena. It's been a pleasure meeting you all. (turns to shake Smyslov's hand) . . . Dr. Smyslov.

SMYSLOV: Whatever the reasons for your visit to Clavius, Dr. Floyd, the very best of luck to you.

FLOYD: Well thank you . . . ladies.

After Floyds walks away, the Russians exchange a few serious comments in Russian.

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