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DISCOVERY I IN SPACE: Bowman and Poole settle down to the peaceful monotony of the voyage, and the next three months passed without incident.

Poole is resting near the Personal Communication Panel.

HAL: Excuse me, Frank.

POOLE: What is it, Hal?

HAL: You got the transmission from your parents coming in.

POOLE: Fine, put it on here please, take me in a bit.

HAL: Certainly.

Poole's mother and father are seen on the vision screen.

FATHER: Hello Frank! . . . Happy birthday! Many happy returns for today.

MOTHER: Happy birthday, darling.

POOLE: A bit higher, Hal.

FATHER: Yea, mother and I feeling wonderful too. Graham and Sally were going to be here too, but at the last minute his back went out on him again.

MOTHER: How do you like the cake, dear?

FATHER: Looks great doesn't it, sorry you can't join us. . . . Oh, I ran into Bob the other day, he said to be sure and wish you happy birthday.

Bowman is seen in his sleep chamber.

MOTHER: All my students made me promise to send their best wishes too. You know they talk about you all the time in the class room. Frank, you're a big celebrity at their age. You know we were on television last week.

FATHER: Oh yes-yes, your mother and I were interviewed what we thought of our illustrious son. You can imagine what we told them. I think it's being broadcast next Thursday. Perhaps you'll be able to listen in.

MOTHER: Oh, we were thrilled about Elaine and Bill, dear. I'll be glad to get the presents for you, but please tell me how much I can spend.

FATHER: Oh yes, Frank about your AGS-19 payments, I think I've straightened it out for you. I talked to the accounting office in Houston yesterday, and they said you should be receiving your higher rate of pay by next month. . . . Well Frank, I can't think of anything else to say, I . . .

MOTHER (interrupts): Oh, give my love to Dave.

FATHER: Oh yes, be sure and give him my best regard. . . We wish you the very happiest of birthdays. All the best son.

They both break into a chorus of 'happy birthday to you.'

MOTHER: See you next Wednesday!

The vision screen goes blank.

HAL: Happy birthday, Frank.

POOLE: Thank you, Hal. . . . a bit flatter please.

Later, Poole is playing a game of chess with Hal.

POOLE: Anyway, Queen takes Pawn, okay.

HAL: Bishop takes Knight's Pawn.

POOLE: Uhh, Rook to King 1.

HAL: I'm sorry Frank, I think you missed it. Queen to Bishop 3. Bishop takes Queen. Knight takes Bishop. Knight.

POOLE: Oh...yea, looks like your right, I resign.

HAL: Thank you for a very enjoyable game.

POOLE: Yea . . . thank you.

Later, to kill time, Bowman is in the centrifuge sketching.

HAL: Good evening, Dave.

BOWMAN: How you doing, Hal.

HAL: Everything's running smoothly . . . and you?

BOWMAN: Oh not too bad.

HAL: Have you been doing some more work?

BOWMAN: A few sketches.

HAL: May I see them?


Bowman faces the sketch pad to Hal's lens.

HAL: That's a very nice rendering, Dave. I think you have improved a great deal. Can you hold it a bit closer?


Bowman places the sketch pad closer to Hal's lens.

HAL: That's Dr. Hunter isn't it?


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Zero Gravity Toilet

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