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Characters / Cast

Los Angeles Police

Danny Glover as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan

An LAPD officer, who is investigating rival Jamaican and Colombian drug cartels. He is very stubborn and often is criticized by superior officers for not obeying orders.

Marķa Conchita Alonso as
Detective Leona Cantrell

An LAPD cop involved in the Jamaican-Colombian Gang wars.

Bill Paxton as Detective Jerry Lambert

An LAPD cop, transferred from another precinct into Metro Command. His role is often that of comic relief.

Ruben Blades as
Detective Danny Archuleta

A member of Harrigan's team and a long time friend of his.

Robert Davi as
Deputy Chief Phil Heinemann

Kent McCord as Captain B. Pilgrim

An LAPD cop and Harrigan's immediate boss.

DEA Agents

Gary Busey as Special Agent Peter Keyes

Posed as a DEA agent leading a special task force investigating a drug conspiracy as a cover for his attempts to capture the Predator.

Adam Baldwin as Garber

A member of Keyes' task force.

Jamaican Gangsters

Calvin Lockhart as King Willie

The boss of the Jamaica Voodoo Posse. He appears to be psychotic because of his voodoo beliefs.

Michael Mark Edmondson as Gold Tooth

Jamaican Gang Member

Vladimir McCrary as
Jamaican Gang Member

Colombian Gangsters

Corey Rand as Ramon Vega

Colombian Gangster Boss.

Henry Kingi as El Scorpio

Colombian Gangster.

Other Characters

Morton Downey, Jr. as Tony Pope

A journalist who reports the gruesome and murderous homicides left by the Predator. He is constantly criticized by the police for interfering with investigations.

Lilyan Chauvin as Irene Edwards

L. A. Forensic / Medical Examiner and Chief Pathologist

Brian Levinson as Brian

The "Want some candy?" boy at the cemetary.

Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator

A member of a warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport, uses active camouflage, a plasma weapon and can see in the infrared spectrum.

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Detailed Plot and Screenshots

Los Angeles, 1997. The temperature in the city stands in the high 90s. In the streets, the LAPD and Colombian gangsters are fighting a pitched battle that the police are rapidly losing. Efforts to rescue two wounded cops have failed and backup is unavailable. Lieutenant Mike Harrigan bursts onto the scene. Harrigan arms himself and drives his car directly at the front lines, giving his comrades the chance to save their wounded friends.

The Colombians seize the chance and retreat into a nearby building that serves as their stronghold. While the Colombians arm themselves they are attacked by an invisible enemy and slaughtered. Only the gang's leader, El Scorpio, makes it out, shooting wildly at Harrigan and his team. El Scorpio escapes to the roof, with Harrigan behind. On the roof, El Scorpio spots a distorted human figure and raises his guns to shoot.

Harrigan shoots the man, who falls off the roof and is killed. In the room where the gangsters were arming themselves, Danny notices that one of them has been stripped naked and hung upside down about 40 feet above the floor. Marveling at the strength needed to perform such a task, Danny turns away and the body is pulled up by unseen hands.

Outside the building, Harrigan is met by his captain, Heinemann, and told that he disobeyed direct orders. Harrigan argues with him, citing the war they're fighting an losing in the streets to better armed Colombian drug dealers who also have greater numbers. Adding to the mayhem is another faction, Jamaican gangsters, who are also fighting the cops.

Back at his precinct, Harrigan is lectured by his other captain, who informs him that a federal investigation, lead by a man named Peter Keyes, is not to be interfered with. Keyes claims that his team is trying to stop the Colombian and Jamaican gangs from establishing an empire on the west coast. Harrigan agrees not to interfere in Keyes' work. Harrigan also welcomes a new member to his team, Jerry, a smart-mouthed and cocky detective.

In a luxury apartment, Ramon Vega, the leader of the Colombian gangs is having sex with his girlfriend when they're interrupted by Jamaican gangsters. They hang him upside-down and cut his heart out as part of a voodoo ritual. They are suddenly attacked by an invisible enemy using superior weaponry. All of them are viciously slaughtered. When Harrigan and his crew arrive on the scene they enter the apartment against orders and find several bodies hung from the ceiling, skinned.

Vega's girlfriend is the only survivor. Keyes enters the room and orders them all out. His own crew begins to examine the room, using unusual gadgets. Also in the room is a sleazy reporter, Tony Pope, who films much of the carnage. Everyone is ejected from the room and the woman who survived is taken away in an ambulance. Danny and Harrigan agree to meet at the scene later that night. Danny arrives first and looks around the room.

Seeing what appears to be a trail of claw-marks leading up a decorated column, he climbs up. In the rafters, he spots a small object embedded in an air-conditioner. He pulls it loose and examines it; it appears to be a spear-tip of some sort. Suddenly, he hears Harrigan's voice nearby and loses his footing and falls. An arm catches him and Danny looks up to see a large figure holding him by the ankle. The figure drags him back up and kills him. As he dies, Danny's necklace falls to the floor and is splattered with his own blood.

Harrigan finds himself in Captain Heinemann's office. The captain reprimands him harshly for Danny's death and continuing to interfere with Keyes' investigation. Harrigan leaves the meeting angry and confronts Keyes in the station's lobby, telling him that he's motivated by revenge and will find Danny's killer himself. Keyes tells him that the magnitude of the situation is beyond his comprehension.

At the police forensics lab, Harrigan has a doctor examine the spear tip he recovered from Danny's body. The doctor determines that the metal isn't found on the Periodic Table of Elements. She also tells Harrigan about how Danny was murdered: by a sharp-edged weapon that cleaved Danny's heart. Harrigan tells Danny's wife, Leona, to arrange a meeting with King Willy, the leader of the Jamaican gangs, with the intention of sharing information about their mutual nemesis.

Harrigan also meets with Jerry, who has done some surveillance on Keyes. The survivor of the attack in Vega's apartment was taken away in a helicopter and Jerry has been unable to find her. As he and Harrigan leave the bar, they are met by a large limo filled with Jamaican gangsters. Harrigan joins them and is taken to an alley where he meets King Willy. Willy, a voodoo practitioner, tells Harrigan that the enemy they both face comes from a netherworld he can't understand.

Harrigan leaves without answers. Just after he goes, the predator jumps to the ground behind Willy and walks through a small pool of water. The water causes an electrical disturbance on the predator's body and it becomes visible. It challenges Willy to blade combat and Willy loses. The predator carries Willy's severed head away and is seen cleaning the tissue off the skull for a trophy.

Harrigan calls Jerry and Leona at the forensics lab. The doctor tells them that the only lead she has is from evidence collected at the scene of Danny's killing: whomever killed him left traces of debris that came from a slaughterhouse. Harrigan and Jerry recall that Jerry had lost track of Keyes in LA's meatpacking district. Harrigan tells them to meet him there.

Harrigan goes to the cemetery to pay his respects to Danny. While he's there, he sees Danny's necklace hanging from a tree limb. Harrigan, looking around for his enemy, grabs the necklace and realizes the predator is stalking him specifically. Moments before, a small boy plays in the cemetery with a toy gun. The predator targets the boy but does not kill him when it realizes the boy poses no threat because he's unarmed.

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