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Suddenly, behind Schaefer, with a resounding swish and snap, the net explodes off the floor of the jungle in a hail of leaves and sticks, rocketing upward into the treetops. Schaefer spins, the others leaping to their feet as they see the net as it tears into the treetops, a large struggling bulge trapped within as a long, unearthly trilling scream echoes through the jungle.

Schaefer and the others charge from the rocks towards the jungle and the bobbing net, their weapons ready. Anna remains behind, watching terrified from the rocks. They arrive under the net, raising their weapons to fire . . . but before they can fire the entire net explodes into a flurry of leaves, twigs, vines, dirt and a flash of pulsating crimson.

Laser blasts shoot from the net, hitting the trap's anchoring tree trunk, which detaches and swings into Pancho, hitting him square in the chest and severely injuring him.

Dillon sees the distortion of the stalker's camouflage as it flees into the jungle. Mac instantly takes off after the creature over Dutch's orders for him to return, seeking revenge for Blaine.

Dutch orders Poncho, Billy and Anna to leave to meet the chopper while he plans to retrieve Mac.

Dillon: Hold it Dutch, I'm going after Mac.

Dutch: That's not your style, Dillon.

Dillon: I guess I picked up some bad habbits from you, now get your people the hell out of here.

Dutch: You can't win this Dillon.

Dillon: Maybe I can get even.

Dillon walks away.

Dutch: Dillon.

Dutch throws a machine gun to Dillon. They look at each other, knowing this is probably goodbye.

Dillon: Just hold on to that damn chopper.

Billy: [looking at Poncho after being hit by a log] He's busted up pretty bad, Major.

Poncho: [in pain] I can make it! I can make it.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Mac charges forward for his revenge.

Mac: Long Tall Sally, she built sweet, she got everything, that Uncle John need. Aw baby, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun.

Dillon finds Mac a short distance away. Mac has found their enemy camped out in a tree stand.

Mac: [whispering] I see you.

The two agree on a plan to approach it silently and kill it. While crawling through the underbrush, Mac notices a three-pointed laser pattern on his arm and is killed when he exposes his head to his enemy.

Meanwhile, Dutch and Anna are struggling through the jungle when Poncho drops his gun, Anna reaches for it.

Dutch: Don't! Leave it. He didn't kill you because you weren't armed - No sport.

Dillon finds Mac dead a few minutes later. Dillon is attacked by the stalker, who fires a laser blast that severs his right arms Dillon tries to defend himself but is impaled on a large double blade.

Still moving toward the extraction site, the rest of the team cross a large tree trunk bridge. Billy, sensing the presence of the enemy, throws away his rifle and faces it alone, armed only with his machete.

Dutch is struggling with carrying both Poncho and the weapon.

Anna: D�me el arma. D�me el arma! Give me the weapon!

Dutch, Anna and Poncho hear Billy's echoing scream, they stop. Instantly their weapons are raised, cocked and ready. Together they stand their ground. Suddenly, from one side, near Ramirez, the Hunter blasts Poncho with his lazer cannon, killing him. The gun lands in front of Anna. She moves for the weapon. Schaefer kicks the gun out of Anna's reach.

Schaefer spins and fires, bullets blasting the tree that the Hunter is perched in. Anna stumbles to her feet and runs into the jungle. The Hunter returns fire, blasting his weapon at Schaefer which slices through the stock of his gun. The blast knocks Dutch off his feet, also wounding his shoulder.

Dutch: Run! Get to the chopper!

Schaefer crawls away, then up on his feet, running for his life, the Hunter charging after him. Dutch ends up sliding down a hill that drops him off a cliff into a river. Dutch swims to the other side and is resting on the muddy bank when his pursuer splashes down behind him.

Dutch, weaponless and covered in mud, waits for his enemy to kill him. The enemy surfaces and turns out to be a large, humanoid alien possessing advanced weaponry. The adaptive camouflage device that concealed it from Dutch and his team appears to be malfunctioning due to exposure to water and the creature switches it off.

It spots a target in the brush and tracks it with a three-beamed laser scope and shoots at it, a small rodent, with a shoulder-mounted cannon. The alien does not, however, see Dutch, whose body heat is insulated by the mud on his skin. The creature stalks off.

Dutch mounts an offensive, choosing a strategic spot and sets a garroting trap with spikes. Dutch also builds a bow and several arrows with gunpowder from his spare grenades and fashions spears. He also covers himself in mud to further his advantage.

Meanwhile, the creature rips the spinal column and skull from Billy's corpse, cleaning it to make a trophy. We see the skulls of several other humans among its collection.

When he's ready, Dutch lights a large bonfire and sounds out a primitive yell, summoning the alien. The Hunter hears the call and prepares his weapon.

The cloaked alien arrives and crawls over the unseen Dutch perched in a tree. The alien explores on ground, crossing the large tree-bridge just above the bonfire.

Dutch fires one of his explosive arrows at the creature, disabling its invisibility device. The alien fires off a series of defensive blasts, sending Dutch falling to the ground.

After Dutch retreats into a ditch and eventually onto the tree-bridge, the alien returns on the offensive, hunting for his prize. Dutch quickly manages to position himself under the bridge as the alien crosses it and moves. Back on the prowl, Dutch throws a rock to bait the alien to show his location. The alien fires near Dutch, who tumbles to the side and throws a grenade-spear. The blast injures the alien causing him to bleed. A moment later, Dutch sees the trail of bright green blood.

Dutch: Bleed, bastard.

Dutch follows the blood trail to an underground-like area, but the alien is no where in sight. Then he hears the dripping of blood just behind him. Dutch ignites one of his 'pouch-grenades,' the blast taking the alien by surprise and allowing Dutch to escape.

However, Dutch falls into water, washing off his 'cloak of mud.' Dutch has rapidly ran out of weapons and captured by the alien.

After a brief examination of his human opponent, the creature removes its helmet, revealing its face.

Dutch: You're one *ugly* motherfucker!

It then engages Dutch hand-to-hand, a battle where the alien has the advantage of strength over Dutch.

Dutch draws the creature into the spiked trap he'd set, yelling . . .

Dutch: Come on . . . Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Kill me! I'm here! Kill me! Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Come on! Do it now! Kill me!

The creature discovers the trap and walks around behind Dutch. As it moves in, Dutch notices it's standing directly under the trap's counterweight; Dutch kicks away the trigger and the counterweight plummets, crushing the alien.

Dutch moves in to finish it off with a large rock but throws it away when he sees that the alien is already wounded fatally.

Dutch: What the hell *are* you?

The Predator: What the hell are *you*?

It opens a panel on its' gauntlet and activates a timer, signaling Dutch to run. As he does, the creature laughs, imitating Billy. A small nuclear explosion goes off as Dutch leaps to cover. The jungle has been completely transformed. No longer lush and verdant, the area is clear-cut, two feet above the ground, covered in fine white, smoldering ash. In a helicopter flying nearby, General Phillips and Anna see the explosion.

Phillips: My god.

They see Dutch in an incinerated patch of rainforest. In the f.g., Schaefer, a living dead-man, streaked with the alien ash, rises up from a shallow depression, staring dumbstruck at the site. Breaking in low over the treetops, the helicopter flares up into position, preparing to land.

As the chopper descends, the crew, standing in the door way, stare transfixed at the devastation, their eyes trying to penetrate the dense white smoke. As the helicopter slowly descends, its propwash creating a raging storm, Schaefer materializes from the swirling smoke and ash, his features taking form as he approaches, his body covered in mud, blood and ash.

The chopper, emerging from the vortex, settles towards the ground. Schaefer stands in the clearing, staring at the helicopter. He looks dazed, like a man making contact with members of an alien race, for the first time. The helicopter hovers low to the ground. Flash overhead, heading across the trackless jungle, their rotors thumping like heavy machine gun fire.

Dutch looks physically exhausted. Still in the remains of his mud camouflage, his body laced with deep cuts; his chest and shoulder caked with dried blood, is seated on a bench in the cargo hold. Schaefer stares out the open door, beyond the passing jungle below, out to the heavens.



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