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Box Office

Alien vs. Predator was released on 12 August 2004 and was later released in North America on 13 August, in 3,395 theatres.

The film grossed $38.2 million over its opening weekend for an average of $11,278 per theatre, and was number one at the box office. The film spent 16 weeks in cinemas and made $80,281,096 in North America.

It grossed $9 million in the United Kingdom, $16 million in Japan, and $8 million in Germany and totalled $92,262,423 at the international box office.

This brought the films worldwide gross to $172,543,519, making it the highest grossing film in the Predator and Alien franchises at the worldwide box office.
It ranks second behind Aliens at the domestic box office, and fourth behind the first three Alien films and the first Predator when adjusted for inflation.


Critics were not allowed to view the film in advance, and once they did view it the response was generally negative.

Based on 142 reviews, the film scored a 22% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and 29 out of 100 based on 21 reviews on Metacritic.

Chief criticisms of the film included its dialogue, "cardboard characters", a PG-13 rating, the "fast-paced editing" during fight sequences, and lighting. However, special effects and set designs received praise.

Rick Kisonak of Film Threat praised the film stating, "For a big dumb production about a movie monster smackdown, Alien vs. Predator is a surprisingly good time".

Ian Grey of the Orlando Weekly felt, "Anderson clearly relished making this wonderful, utterly silly film; his heart shows in every drip of slime."

Staci Layne Wilson of called it "a pretty movie to look at with its grandiose sets and top notch creature FX, but it's a lot like Anderson's previous works in that it's all facade and no foundation."

However, with the majority of critics awarding the film a negative review, Michael Wilmington of the Chicago Tribune commented it was full of "monster movie clich�s that leave you praying for most of the cast to get killed off fast, to put them (and us) out of our misery."

Jack Mathews of New York Daily News panned the movie, stating that "Writer-director Paul W. S. Anderson has created the darkest, if not worst, sci-fi movie since Battlefield Earth."

Gary Dowell of Dallas Morning News called the film, "a transparent attempt to jumpstart two run-down franchises".

Ed Halter of The Village Voice described the film's lighting for fight sequences as, "black-on-black-in-blackness", while Ty Burr of The Boston Globe felt the lighting "left the audience in the dark".

The film received a Golden Raspberry Award nomination 2005 in the category of "Worst Remake or Sequel".

Home Media

Alien vs. Predator was released on DVD in North America on 25 January 2005. The DVD contained two audio commentaries.

The first featured Paul W. S. Anderson, Lance Henriksen, and Sanaa Lathan, while the second included special effects supervisor John Bruno and ADI founders Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff.

A 25-minute "Making of" featurette and a Dark Horse AVP comic cover gallery were included in the special features along with three deleted scenes from the film.

On release, Alien vs. Predator debuted at number 1 on the Top DVD Sales and Top Video Rental charts in North America.

A two-disc "Extreme Edition" was released on 7 March 2005, featuring behind the scenes footage of the conception, pre-production, production, post-production, and licensing of the film.

An "Unrated Edition" was released on 22 November 2005, containing the same special features as the Extreme Edition as well as an extra eight minutes of footage in the film.

John J. Puccio of DVD Town remarked that the extra footage contained "a few more shots of blood, gore, guts, and slime to spice things up...and tiny bits of connecting matter to help us follow the story line better, but none of it amounts to much."

The film was released on Blu-ray Disc in North America on 23 January 2007.

Final Production Script
by Paul W.S. Anderson

Alien vs. Predator - 2004 | Detailed Plot & Screenshots

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He has set his sights on big game. The Alien tosses aside the dead Predator hanging from its tail. The two fearsome alien warriors face off. There is a moment of tense anticipation, and then the two Creatures charge.

For the first time ever we witness a Predator and an Alien go head to head. The two beasts meet with a mighty impact. Lex and Sebastian pick up Weyland and carry him between them as they make their escape.

The two mighty beasts grapple, rolling end over end. The twin mouths of the Alien snap at the Predator's faceplate. He holds the Alien off, the teeth of the inner mouth barely inches away from his eyes. The Predator flings the Alien off. Gaining a moment's grace.

The Alien is clearly stronger than he had ever imagined. The Alien charges again. The Alien's tail stabs at the Predator. He deflects it with his twin wrist blades, and they slice clean through the tail. The Alien howls in pain. The twin blades have been reduced to smoldering stumps by the Alien's acid blood.

The Predator gang tackles the Alien, sending him crashing into the wall, and collapsing on the floor. The Predator grabs the creature by the ankle and spins him, knocking it's dome into wall corners.

He flings the Alien a great distance and is on the offensive, charging the Alien.

But the Alien stands, and starts flinging acid from it's severed tail. It lands on the Predator's chest armor. He quickly removes it, but the Alien has now disappeared. He scans the area with his Predator vision. The Alien has climbed up in a crevice just above the Predator.

Just as the Alien pounces, the Predator quickly turns and fires a steel net that arcs through the air and envelops the Alien bringing it crashing to the ground. The weight of the creature's fall crashes through to the lower level. The Predator hops down after him. The net pulls tight, cutting through the Alien's armored hide. The Predators unsheaths his blade, ready for the victory kill.

But as the net cuts through the Alien, the Alien begins to bleed. And as the Alien bleeds, the net begins to smoke. The Alien's acid blood is eating through the steel mesh. Suddenly the Alien breaks free. Its whole body smoking from where the net had cut into it. The Predator is caught off guard, and the Alien is on him in an instant. The Alien holds the Predator's faceplate tightly between its claws.

The Predator is literally face to face with the Alien. We see the Alien reflected in the mirrored eye sockets of the Predator faceplate. The Predator watches helpless, as the Alien's inner mouth is revealed and then -- the inner mouth punches clean through the Predator's faceplate. The stone corridor is sprayed with brain matter and luminous green blood. First blood to the Aliens.

Lex and Sebastian help Weyland climb the stair case. Now half way up the stairs, Weyland falls to his knees. He has started to hyperventilate. She grabs Weyland's head in her hands. Not once does Lex break eye contact with Weyland. Slowly she talks him down, and Weyland's breathing drops to normal. Lex hauls Weyland to his feet. The frozen air has wrecked what's left of his lungs.

Weyland slumps to the stair case. At the bottom of the stairs, a looming shadow appears, humanoid in shape. Lex and Sebastian see the Predator at the bottom of the stairs. Lex looks at Weyland. His look conveys the sacrifice he's about to make. Sebastian pulls Lex away. She exchanges one last look with Weyland as they run up the stairs. Lex and Sebastian exit the labyrinth.

Weyland grabs his ice axe and holds it like a weapon. Human and Predator face off. Weyland draws himself up to his full height. He's not going out with a fight. Weyland swings at Scar. Scar knocks the ice axe out of his hand and lifts Weyland by the throat. Predator vision: Scar sees Weyland in his distinctive heat signature vision.

Like an MRI, the Predator vision scans over Weyland's wrecked body, a body riddled with disease. Like stars in the sky, the tumors are everywhere. The cancer has destroyed Weyland. Scar turns away from Weyland and walks up the stairs. To Scar, he's nothing but a sick animal. Weyland is not worthy of the hunt. Weyland sees that Scar is heading up the stairs after Lex and Sebastian.

He feverishly reaches inside his coat, produces his oxygen bottle and an emergency flare. Weyland opens the valve to the oxygen bottle and lights the flare. The gas immediately ignites and the resulting jet of flame engulfs the Predator. The Predator screams. Still burning, Scar turns back to Weyland and kills him with his wrist blade. Weyland dies a hero's death.

Pyramid corridor: The digital alarm goes off again on Sebastian's watch. The stone walls have begun to reconfigure again. A heavy stone slab is rising from the floor, closing off the doorway ahead of them. Sebastian helps Lex through the doorway. But by the time she is safe, he has to haul himself onto the slab. Sebastian scrambles across the top of the stone slab seconds before it seals completely.

He just missed being crushed against the roof. Just when we think the danger is over, and right before the slab completely seals the doorway, a Predator throwing disc cuts across the room narrowly missing Lex and Sebastian. The disc slams into the stone of the chamber, causing sparks to spray everywhere.

Chamber of Pillar: As the Predator appears from the shadows. He stares at the solid stone slab blocking the doorway. For the moment he has lost his prey. The Pred senses something, turns to look at it. Reveal: it's an Alien Face Hugger and it leaps for him... The Predator unleashes a throwing disc at the Face Hugger in mid-air and slices it in half.

The throwing disc returns to him. But the danger is not over, for behind the Predator, unfolding from the pillar directly behind him is a fully grown Alien, jaws wide, ready to strike. It has been there all along.

Perfectly camouflaged. This new Alien rears up behind the Pred. Ready to strike. The Pred looks like he's toast, but at the last second he spins around and in best Samurai style, lops the Alien's head clean off.

Hieroglypics Chamber: Lex picks herself up from the floor. The walls and ceiling of this chamber are covered in hieroglyphics. This is an ancient library of some kind. They are trapped here. Both ends of the chamber are sealed off by heavy slabs of rock that are impossible to move. A dozen small peepholes have been cut in one of the walls. They afford a glimpse into the Chamber of Pillar from which they have just escaped. Sebastian joins Lex at the peephole and watch the Predator.

Chamber of Pillar: The Predator removes his armored visor and squats over the dead Alien. The Predator breaks off one of the Alien's fingers. Using the severed Alien finger like a crayon, the Predator traces a Predator warrior insignia on the forehead of the armored visor. The acid blood leaking from the finger etches the Predator warrior insignia into the metal.

Sebastian studies the Predator. Then the Predator marks the same insignia on his own forehead. The Alien blood sears into his flesh. A mixture of pain, but also pride. This earns him the nickname "Scar." Sebastian explains he is marking himself as a right of passage. Sebastian and Lex jump down from the wall.

Chamber of Pillar: Scar, without the eyes of Lex or Sebastian on him, drops the Alien finger to the ground. Blood spills out, burning through the ground. Unseen behind him, a second Alien Face Hugger appears. It rears up, ready to strike. The Predator stand and turns, for only a second he sees the Face Hugger pouncing on his face.

Hieroglypics Chamber: Sebastian pores over the hieroglyphics carved into the walls and the floor. A flashback of Earth, 5,000 years ago (Sebastian's tale in green): The blue green planet is seen from space. A Predator spacecraft approaches for the very first time. Thousands of years ago these hunters found a backwater planet. They taught humans how to build and were worshiped as Gods.

Four great Pyramids, directly above each, hovers a Predator Spacecraft. On the steps of the first Pyramid, primitive tribal chiefs prostrate themselves before their "Gods". Every hundred years the Gods would return ... And when they did, they would expect a sacrifice. Chosen sacrificial victims are anointed by tribal priests.

As the Victims lay back willingly on the sacrificial stones, an Alien Egg is revealed at the foot of each slab. Humans were used to breed the ultimate prey. A victim convulses on the sacrificial slab. The skin of her chest begins to distend. Something is forcing its way out. The Hunters would battle these Great Serpents. A Predator stands atop the Pyramid. He holds the head of the Alien aloft.

He is triumphant. Above him, a Predator Spacecraft descends through the electrical storm. To prove themselves worthy to carry the mark. Another night, on a pyramid top, three Predators are in a defensive formation, fighting back-to-back. Revealed, are dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of Aliens, circling and attacking. The Pyramid is alive with Aliens, like some giant anthill.

But if the Hunters lost, they made sure that nothing survived. Just at the moment when the Predators are about to be overwhelmed, they activate their self destruct mechanism. A powerful shockwave sweeps across the pyramids, vaporizing everything in its path. Scattering Aliens before it, blowing them limb from limb. Like a miniature atomic bomb. An entire civilization wiped out overnight.

Sebastian explains to Lex they use humans like cattle, hosts for them to breed in. Sebastian further reasons that the heat bloom from the pyramid was given off to attract humans for the purposes of making new aliens to hunt.

Sacrificial chamber: Miller wakes up, he doesn't know where he is. In horror, Miller realizes he has been cocooned next to Verheiden and Connors. Connors is dead, with his rib cage already bent outward. Verheiden is barely alive with a face hugger attached to him. The tail is tightening around his throat. Verheiden's cocooned body is right beside Miller.

Protruding from Verheiden's cocooned body is his shoulder holster that contains his pistol. We see an egg cracking with a Face Hugger inside. Miller has just a few seconds. Miller reaches for Verheiden's gun but he's virtually frozen in place, trapped in the cocoon. He struggles, fighting desperately to get to Verheiden's gun. The face hugger is almost out. Miller can't quite reach it.

His only chance is just inches away from his fingertips. Miller sees that the face hugger is almost free. Miller summons all his strength, fighting to get out. He grabs the gun just as the Alien Face Hugger leaps for him. He gets a shot off at the last possible second that hits the Alien face hugger squarely. The Alien face hugger falls to the ground, still twitching. Miller shoots it five more times killing it.

Our favorite nerd is a hero. Miller's adrenaline rush is squashed by fear as we see a field of Alien Eggs surrounding Miller on all sides. One by one the eggs begin to open. Miller holds his gun in hand ready to fight, but his face shows the acceptance of impending death. Just outside the Sacrificial Chamber we hear a few quick gun shots. Miller screams. Then nothing.

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