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Final Production Script
by Paul W.S. Anderson

Alien vs. Predator - 2004 | Detailed Plot & Screenshots

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Hieroglypics Chamber: Sebastian and Lex decide the Predators must be allowed to succeed in their hunt so that the Aliens do not spread to the rest of Earth. They plan to return the plasma gun to Scar. The enemy of my enemy is their friend. They go find their friend.

Chamber of Pillar: Scar is putting his face plate back on. Scar stands calmly facing the doorway to the Hieroglyphics Chamber. He's waiting for the pyramid to reconfigure once more and the stone slab blocking the doorway to move.

Labyrinth: Lex and Sebastian are back in the maze of stone corridors. Running through the semi-darkness. Around any corner could be a Predator. On any ceiling could be an Alien. They move quickly but cautiously. Frightened. Prepared for anything. Shockingly sudden: they see an Alien move ahead of them, blocking their way. Lex and Sebastian turn and run down another corridor as the horrible shadow of an approaching Alien can be seen behind them.

A deep chasm spanning the corridor. It is over fifteen feet wide. Lex and Sebastian see the chasm. The fact that there's no other way doesn't make it any better. Lex and Sebastian attempt the impossible jump side by side but Sebastian's slightly taller body is ahead of Lex and he lands first on the far side. The edge of the ledge Sebastian lands on begins to give way from the weight of his impact.

Lex lands a second later but because of the weakened ledge, the edge Lex lands on gives way. Lex almost makes it. Almost. She hits the wall on the far side of the chasm. But she manages to hang onto the ledge above her. Sebastian reaches down and grabs Lex, stopping her from falling. He holds her there and begins to pull her up. Suddenly Lex's face fills with terror. Right beside Sebastian is a fully grown Alien.

Sebastian is snatched by the Alien and violently yanked out of sight. Lex is horrified. Lex manages to hang on and pull herself over the edge. Lex takes a moment to absorb what she has just witnessed, knowing full well what is in store for Sebastian. She rises and moves on cautiously. Her foot hits something, it's the The Pepsi bottle cap that Sebastian wears around his neck.

Dead End Chamber: Lex is back in the darkened maze of stone corridors. It's getting very dark, and she's getting very disoriented. Lex finds herself in a dead end corridor. She looks down at her digital wrist compass, but it has been smashed in the fall. It's useless. She's hopelessly lost. She turns around and stops in her tracks. Standing at the other end of the corridor, blocking her escape, is Scar.

He holds a short metal tube in one hand. Suddenly both ends of the tube telescope out to form the Predator Spear. Lex is terrified. And he knows it. Lex slowly takes off her backpack. She holds it in her hand as Scar watches her. Lex slides the gun across the floor. Scar sees the plasma gun through the backpack with his Predator vision. This is what Scar wants.

But before Scar can pick it up, he turns just in time to see an Alien ambush him. The Alien has the upper hand however, and slams Scar to the ground. Scar loses his grip on the spear and it slides across the floor toward Lex. Scar rolls backwards, using the Alien's own weight against it. A classic judo move. The Alien flies over Scar and crashes into the wall beside Lex.

Lex gets her hands on the Predator spear just as the Alien rights itself. Without hesitation the Alien leaps at the nearest prey, Lex. The Alien leaps through the air toward Lex. Lex holds up the Predator spear in defense. It's an epic moment. The Alien completes its flight with terrifying speed. The force and impact of the Alien is its undoing however, for it impales itself on the spear.

Lex struggles to keep hold of the spear. She leans back, hoisting the impaled Alien into the air. The Alien refuses to die, however. Its own body weight is causing it to slide down the spear toward Lex. Every second, the snapping jaws of the creature drop closer to Lex's exposed face. The Alien impaled on the spear finally dies. His jaws barely an inch from Lex's face.

She heaves the dead Alien to the side when instantly three red dots of the laser sighting system appear on her face. She looks up to see Scar pointing the gun straight at her. There is a tense moment between the Human and the Predator.

Suddenly more audible shrills from other Aliens, Scar turns quickly. Four Aliens, led by Grid, closing in for the kill. Grid is the Alien with the steel net cuts in its dome. The Aliens seem to flow over the ceiling and walls, the floor. Scar's targeting system locks on Grid.

However Grid ducks and the blast kills another Alien, vaporizing it. They scatter as they see Scar shooting his gun with complete precision and accuracy. Slowly we move into Scar's shoulder gun. It's the only thing keeping Lex and Scar from being ripped apart. For now.

Alien Queen's Chamber: The Alien Queen is forced to watch another batch of her eggs taken away from her by the automated conveyor belt. The Alien Queen is going berserk, fighting against her chains, but to no avail. She lets out a piercing shriek that echoes through the Pyramid.

Labyrinth: Grid and the Aliens are watching from the shadows, laying in wait. Grid, as the leader of the Alien pack suddenly turns. Grid has heard his mother's anguished cry for help. The Aliens have retreated for now. The room is empty.

Dead End Chamber: Scar moves in and looks Lex over carefully. He could kill her in an instant and she knows it. She stands there, terrified and defiant. And then he grabs his spear and walks away, leaving her there. She runs up to him. He turns sharply and growls. Scar looks at this young warrior, wanting to fight. He takes his Dagger and begins to cut up the body of the dead Alien.

Prising the armored hide away from its internal organs. Scar works with speed and precision. Lex is both intrigued and repelled. Scar pulls the armored head plate of the Alien away from the rest of its body.

He lays it carefully to one side. It is now completely hollow, like an empty shell. Lex can see that the long twisted brain of the Alien is still pulsing and twitching. Even dead like this, the Alien is amazingly menacing.

Scar breaks off a finger from the dead Alien and holds it above the armored head plate. Scar lets a drop of Alien blood fall. The acid blood rolls harmlessly off the head plate, like it were just a drop of water.

The acid doesn't react with the Alien's own armor. Then, holding the finger above the floor, he lets a drop of Alien blood fall. The acid blood immediately begins to eat its way through the floor. Scar looks up at Lex, as if to say - "Get it?" Lex nods.

Using his dagger, he cuts off the dead Alien's barbed tail and makes a spear for Lex. Lex and Scar stand side-by-side. Two warriors ready for battle.

Lex and Scar share a look. Together, they make a fearsome sight. He nods. And the two warriors begin the hunt. Predator and Human run side by side.

Alien Queen's Chamber: The Alien Queen hangs from her chains, a prisoner. Slowly, dark figures emerge from the shadows of the chamber. Aliens, her children. Led by Grid. They almost seem to bow in supplication to the Alien Queen. Grid and the rest of her children leap upon their mother. Their claws and mouths tearing at her flesh in a frenzied attack. The Alien Queen begins to bleed.

Her hissing, burning blood flying everywhere. Her acid blood begins to eat through the chains. And only now do we realize what the Aliens are doing -- They are not trying to kill their mother, they are trying to free her. The Alien Queen shrieks both in pain and triumph. The grotesque, terrifying sound echoes through every chamber and corridor in the Pyramid.

Sacrificial chamber: Lex slows and then halts. Scar squats down and notices the signature Alien sticky residue on the floor. The whole area now has the Alien encrusted structure covering the walls and floor. Something on the ground catches Lex's eyes. It's Miller's camera, on the view screen it shows Miller standing arm in arm with his two sons.

Lex stares into the darkness and calls out Miller's name. She then see in horror, the three cocoons that hold the dead bodies of Miller, Verheiden and Connors. What's left of their rib cages are already bent outward. The Chest Bursters long gone. Verheiden's, Miller's and Connors' faces are all frozen in a grotesque rictus. Lex mourns and kneels down by their bodies and finds Miller's handgun.

She studies the dead men as she hears something. It's very faint. A ghostly echo. At first, she can't make it out. Eyes straining to see in the half light of the chamber. Lex draws closer, and only now does the horrific truth become clear, it's a man -- Sebastian. The Alien had not killed him, but instead, encased him in some kind of monstrous Alien cocoon.

Sebastian is held tight in the cocoon. He's clearly in a lot of pain. Sebastian screams in agony. She's determined to help him, but he tells her it's too late. His skin is starting to stretch tight. An Alien Chest Burster is about to break free. Without hesitation, Scar targets his weapon. The three red dots of the laser sighting system appear on Sebastian.

She blocks Scar's shot. With his Predator vision, he can see the Chest Burster inside Sebastian. Behind her, Sebastian implores to her they must not reach the surface. Lex turns to face him, tears in her eyes. She brings up Miller's handgun. She can see it in his eyes -- death would be a mercy. Lex makes the impossible and unthinkable choice to fire.

Her gun racks back as she just fired the last bullet. And we hold on her eyes, experiencing the horror of this moment entirely from her tortured perspective. Sebastian's agonized screaming comes to an abrupt end. She drops the gun and walks off. Scar watches her closely. From his reaction, he appears to respect her more and more with every decision she makes.

In his Predator vision, Scar see the Chest Burster wriggling in Sebastian's rib cage. The little creature bursts through his chest and leaps through the air. With lightening-fast reflexes, Scar catches it. Scar holds the newly born Alien examining it. Then in one simple move, Scar casually snaps its neck between his fingers. Just like it were a matchstick.

Alien Queen's Chamber: The first of the Alien Queen's limbs break free from the weakened chains. Then another, then another. The Alien Queen, wounded but magnificent, drops to the floor of the chamber, ripping herself from the Egg Sac. Gallons of Sac fluid pours out. Free at last.

She hits the floor with a furious charge, dragging with her the few chains still attached to her. The other Aliens are scattering out of her way. Almost too large for the corridors, the Queen crashes into and crumbles columns and cornices while she lets out a deafening roar.

Sacrificial chamber: Scar hears the Queen's blood-curdling scream as it echoes through the entire pyramid. He scans the field of Alien Eggs with his Predator vision, each one containing a Face Hugger. Scar presses several buttons on his wrist computer. A cluster of predator symbols instantly appear on the wrist computer. He shows it to Lex. Scar points to the wrist computer.

He makes a tight fist with his hand and unfurls his fist indicating an explosion. Lex understands his plan completely. He activates the countdown, it begins an audible beep, escalating. Scar removes the wrist computer/bomb from his wrist and flings it into the field of Alien Eggs. Scar leads Lex out as they race through the darkened maze. The pace is brutal.

Ice Grotto: Lex is doing her best just to keep up. Lex and Scar emerge from the Pyramid and race toward the mouth of the tunnel - their escape route back to the surface. The automated winch, pulley system, and sled. Lex checks the control box for the automated winch, but it is covered in Alien slime. She glances up the tunnel. Far above, something is moving. Headed for the surface.

Lex turns back to Scar, then punches in the sled's access code to activate. Suddenly an Alien claw cuts into his shoulder ripping off his plasma gun. An Alien has materialized out of no where. The Alien is hunched over Scar's back. A blur of teeth and claws. Lex sees the Piton Gun on the sled. She grabs the piton, pulls the trigger, and blows the back of his head off.

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