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A whitewater rafting trip is underway, with 3 long-time friends on board. Leading the trip is the bold adventurer, Juno (Natalie Mendoza). Also there is wife and mother Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) and her closest friend, Beth (Alex Reid), both British. Awaiting at the end of the raft adventure is Sarah's husband, Paul (Oliver Milburn) and daughter, Jessica (Molly Kayll).

JUNO: More to the left.

PAUL: Can you see her?


JUNO: Look out!


JUNO: Hey, guys!

SARAH: Hi, Jessie! . . . That was amazing.

JUNO: You girls were screaming. . . . That wasn't so bad, was it?

BETH: No, that was a piece of piss.

After their exciting ride, Juno raises her oar as a celebrated victory. Beth uses her oar to shove Juno in the water, everyone laughs. Paul helps Juno out of the water.

PAUL: Bit more.

BETH: Go on, Paul, fish her out.

PAUL: There, got you.

Beth and Sarah exit the boat onto shore.

BETH: You all right?

SARAH: Yeah.

JUNO: It's freezing. I can't feel my fingers.

Sarah goes to her daughter and hugs her.

SARAH: Jessica, come here. . . Oh, baby.

Paul helps Juno with her gear, they share a strange moment, and then he's ready to depart.

PAUL: Come on, Jessie, it's freezing. Let's go back to the car.

SARAH: Go with your daddy. I'll just help the girls.

BETH: It's okay, you go on. We can finish up here.

SARAH: You sure? . . . Thanks guys, I'll see you at the hotel. Yeah?

BETH: Yeah. See ya.

Paul and family are now on the road. Sarah is leaning to the back seat talking to Jessica.

SARAH: Jess, when we get home, shall I phone Rachel's mum? See if Rachel can come over Thursday?


SARAH: Yeah? Okay. When she comes round, she can help us plan your birthday party.


SARAH: You gonna invite any boys this time?

Jessica giggles.

SARAH (to Paul): Are you okay? You seem a bit distant.

PAUL: I'm fine.

Paul is looking at her, not the road. A car heads straight for them, a head on collision. The crash sends a metal rod right through Paul's skull.

A bird's eye view shows the wreckage. Below the van and in the rear seat area, blood collects in a pool on the pavement, indicating the daughter was also killed.

Sarah has the first in a series of dreams where Jessica appears in a party dress and seems to offer Sarah a birthday cake.

Awakening from her injuries in the accident in the hospital, Sarah panics and runs down the hallway, imagining the hospital getting dark around her.

SARAH: Jess? . . . . . Jessie?

Returning to reality, she runs into the arms of Beth, who embraces her and they both weep.

SARAH: Jessie!!!

BETH: Shh! I'm sorry. . . She's gone. I'm sorry!

SARAH: No, no, noooooo!

BETH: She's gone, Sarah.

Juno, standing in the distance and also crying, turns and leaves them.

One year later, the Appalachian Mountains, USA: Juno has organized a spelunking (caving-diving) trip. Hillbilly music is playing on Beth's car radio.

BETH: Well, it's mud, blood and beer or sweet Jesus. Great, turn that shite off.

They pass a bullet riddled sign that reads 'Welcome to Chatooga National Park.'

BETH: That's frightening. . . . Listen, we don't have to do this, you know. We can head back and stay in town. Get wasted, go to a barn dance.

SARAH (laughs): Now that is frightening. . . . You're right, we don't have to do this. But I'm not going to be the one to tell Juno.

BETH: She's a piece of work, man. She always brings us out in the middle of . . . well, look at it.

SARAH: She came to Scotland last year.

BETH: Yeah, and left pretty quickly.

They arrive at a cabin where Juno is outside waiting for them. Tension remains between Juno and Beth and Sarah over Juno's abandonment of them last year.

JUNO: Sarah! Beth!

SARAH: Juno. You look fantastic! . . . Come here.

JUNO (hugs Sarah): Let me look at you. Wow. Everything's going to be fine . . . better. It's going to be great. Becca and Sam can't wait to see you. Why don't you go in. . . Give me these.

SARAH: Yeah? Thanks.

JUNO: Okay?

SARAH: Yeah. Okay.

Juno takes her bags, Sarah heads for the cabin. Sarah sees an animal skull hanging on the wall.

SARAH: Ooh! Very nice.

JUNO (to Beth): How is she?

BETH: Well, she's here. One step at a time, eh.

Inside the cabin are a pair of European-rooted sisters, the safety-cautious, older sister, Rebecca (Saskia Mulder) and medical student Sam (MyAnna Buring), who, though competent, is the least experienced adventurer of the group. Rebecca and Sam see Sarah come inside, they jump up, excited.

SAM: Hey, who are you calling a fucking cheater?

REBECCA: I'm calling you a fucking cheater.

SARAH: Hello!

REBECCA: You do look really good. You look amazing!

They exchange hugs, full of smiles and greeting chit chat. It's repeated again when Beth enters.

BETH: I'm starving.

SAM: Okay, go, go.

SARAH: Sam, thank you so much for your letter. It meant a lot to me.

SAM: Oh Sarah, look, I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. You know, midterms and . . .

JUNO (interrupts): You know, Sam's going to be Dr. Van Ney in like a year's time


BETH: Please tell me it's longer than that.

REBECCA: I am so proud of my little sister!

JUNO: Who wants a drink?

They all chime in with a yes, others offer to help.

SAM: So Beth, I hear it all starts falling apart past twenty five.

BETH: Is that what they teach you at medical school? Yeah? To take the piss? Cheeky bitch!

Beth throws something at her face, they laugh.

BETH: Can anyone make me feel any older?

Holly (Nora-Jane Noone) enters the living room.

HOLLY: Oh, here we go. Hello. You must be the teacher.

She shakes Beth's hand.

REBECCA: Beth, Sarah, this Holly, Juno's . . . protege.

BETH: Really? I always thought Juno would eat her young.

JUNO: Oh nice.

HOLLY: I'm well able to handle myself. Thanks very much.

SARAH: I've heard about you. You're that mentalist that jumps off buildings.

HOLLY: Ahh, base jumping. You should try it, seriously.

BETH: You live in America now?

HOLLY: Ran out of things to jump off in Galway. I'm always searching for the next big high. I'm sure you know all about that.

SARAH: Sorry?

HOLLY: Juno showed me a photo of when you used to climb together.

JUNO: Oh, I found this classic picture.

Juno takes a photo off a shelf and shows it. They all fuss over the photo with more chit chat. Sarah reads the writing on the photo.

BETH: That's bad.

SARAH: Love each day. . . Used to be something Paul used to say. . . Anyway, cheers! . . . Here's to our adventure.

They do a toast with their beer bottles.

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