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DRACULA: I am taking with me only three...boxes.

RENFIELD: Very well.

DRACULA: I have chartered a ship to take us to England. We will be leaving...tomorrow...evening.

RENFIELD: Everything will be ready.

DRACULA: (pointing to bed) I hope you will find this comfortable.

RENFIELD: Thanks. It looks very inviting.

Renfield cuts his finger on a paperclip.


Dracula stealthily approaches Renfield. Renfield's crucifix falls over the cut finger. Dracula turns quickly away.

RENFIELD: Oh, it's nothing serious. Just a small cut from that paperclip. It's just a scratch.

DRACULA (pouring a glass of wine): This...is very old wine. I hope you will like it.

RENFIELD: Aren't you drinking?

DRACULA: I never drink...wine.

RENFIELD: Well, it's delicious.

DRACULA: And, now, I'll leave you.

RENFIELD: Well, good night.

DRACULA: Good night, Mr. Renfield.

Dracula exits. Renfield opens the windows, the Bat enters, Renfield faints.

The three vampiresses enter and Dracula motions the vampiresses back. Dracula approaches Renfield.

Several weeks later, aboard the Vesta bound for England, sundown: On Deck, the crew battles a raging storm.

In the hold, Renfield awakens Dracula.

RENFIELD: Master, the sun is gone.

Dracula leaves his coffin.

RENFIELD: You will keep your promise when we get to London, won't you, master? You will see that I get lives...not human lives but small ones...with blood in them. I'll be loyal to you, master. I'll be loyal.

Dracula exits to the deck.

England, the next morning: Whitby Harbor, on the deck of the Vesta.

VOICE OF MAN 1: Here now! Here now, get back! Nobody goes aboard this here boat until the authorities are here.

VOICE OF MAN 2: The captain dead, tied to the wheel. Horrible tragedy! Horrible tragedy.

In the hold, Renfield whispers to Dracula's coffin.

RENFIELD: Master, we're here! You can't hear what I'm saying, but we're here. We're safe!

VOICE OF MAN 1 (on deck): They must've come through a terrible storm!

Renfield laughs O.S.

VOICE OF MAN 1: What's that? Why, it's come from that hatchway!

Hatchway opens to reveal Renfield. Renfield laughs.

VOICE OF MAN 1: Why, he's mad! Look at his eyes! Why, the man's gone crazy!

From the Whitby Newspaper Late edition: Crew of corpses found on derelict vessel schooner Vesta. Drifts into Whitby Harbor after storm, bearing gruesome cargo. Sole survivor a raving maniac. His craving to devour ants, flies and other small living things to obtain their blood, puzzles scientists. At present he is under observation at Dr Seward's [Herbert Bunston] Sanitarium near London.

Many nights later, a sidewalk in London: Dracula approaches a young girl selling violets.

FLOWER GIRL [Anita Harder]: Violets! Violets! For your buttonhole, sir! Here's a nice one.

Dracula drinks her blood, the flower girl screams.

Later, a Symphony Theatre in London: An usherette leads Dracula inside.

DRACULA: And after you've delivered the message, you will remember nothing I now say. Obey!

The Sewards' box: Seward, Harker [David Manners], Mina [Helen Chandler] and Lucy [Frances Dade] listen to the symphony, the Usherette enters.

USHERETTE: Dr. Seward?


Usherette: You're wanted on the telephone.

SEWARD: Thank you. Well, excuse me.

MINA: Oh, Father, if it's from home, will you say I'm spending the night in town with Lucy?

SEWARD: All right, dear.

Seward steps from the box.

DRACULA: Pardon me?


DRACULA: I could not help overhearing your name. Might I inquire...if you are the Dr. Seward whose sanitarium is at Whitby?

SEWARD: Why, yes.

DRACULA: I'm Count Dracula. I have just leased Carfax Abbey. I understand it adjoins your ground.

SEWARD: Why yes, it does. I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. May I present my daughter Mina...

MINA: Count Dracula.

SEWARD: ...Miss Western...

LUCY: How do you do?

SEWARD: ...and Mr. Harker.

HARKER: How do you do?

SEWARD: Count Dracula has just taken Carfax Abbey.

LUCY: Oh, it will a relief to see life in those dismal old windows!

SEWARD: It will indeed. Well, you will excuse me. I'm wanted on the telephone.

Seward exits.

HARKER: The abbey could be very attractive, but I should imagine it will need quite extensive repair.

DRACULA: I shall do very little repairing. It reminds me of the broken battlements of my own castle...in Transylvania.

LUCY: The abbey always reminds me of that old toast about "..........lofty timbers, The walls around are bare Echoing to our laughter As though the dead were there."

HARKER: Nice little medley.

LUCY: There's more, even nicer. "Pass a cup to the dead already, A glass to the next to die..."

MINA: Oh, never mind the rest, dear.

DRACULA: To die...to be really dead...that must be glorious.

MINA: Why, Count Dracula!

DRACULA: There are far worse things...awaiting man...than death.

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