The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil

Max Von Sydow as Father Merrin

Lee J. Cobb as Lt. Kinderman

Kitty Winn as Sharon

Jason Miller as Father Karras

Jack MacGowran as Burke Dennings

Linda Blair as Regan

William O'Malley as Father Dyer

Barton Heyman as Dr. Klein

Rudolf Schündler as Karl

Robert Symonds as Dr. Taney

Gina Petrushka as Willi

IRAQ - EXCAVATION SITE - NINEVEH: Pickaxes and shovels weld into the air as hundreds of excavators tear at the desert. The camera pans around the area where hundreds of Iraqi workmen dig for ancient finds. The caption Northern Iraq appears at the bottom of the screen as the digging continues.

The camera then follows a young boy running bare foot over the rocky mounds. He comes to a stop and the camera is positioned in between the boys legs looking at and aging man also digging.

YOUNG BOY (In Iraqi language): They found something... small pieces.

MERRIN (In Iraqi language): Where?

YOUNG BOY (In Iraqi language): At the base of the mound.

The boy runs off and the old man pulls himself to his feet to follow. The old man walks to the base of the mound where another man who looks in command is there to greet him.

MAN (In Iraqi language): Some interesting finds. Lamps, arrow-heads, coins...

The old man picks up an old pendant and holds it up.

MERRIN (In Iraqi language): This is strange!

The man dusts the pendant and takes a look.

MAN (In Iraqi language): Not of the same period.

The old man reaches into a hole in the rock, moving and re-arranging small rocks to see what he can find. He grabs a pickaxe and scrapes out a small sculpted piece of rock crushed into another. The man takes a dust brush from the man's pocket and brushes some dust from the sculpted rock.

As the dust is swept we see that it is a face. The old man recognizes it and looks worried. He brakes the sculpted rock away from the ordinary rock and takes a good look at it.

MARKET PLACE: An Iraqi man walks through the noisy crowd with a tray and up to the old man's table. He puts the drink on the table and watches as the old man opens a small pendant full of pills and puts one into his mouth. The old man is trembling with fear as he downs his drink. He puts the glass down and looks at the people around him. The man with the tray comes back to the old man's table and picks up the glass.

MAN WITH TRAY (In Iraqi language): Something else?

MERRIN (In Iraqi language): No. thank you.

The old man stands up and looks at the bus boy.

We cut to a group of workers hitting their hammers on an anvil. The old man walks in their direction but stops as he sees one of the workers stop work to wipe his brow.

When the worker makes eye contact with the old man we see that the worker has one eye without pigment, bleached white as if it has rolled backward. The old man stares at him and then walks on.

ARCHAEOLOGIST'S OFFICE: We see a clock's pendulum swinging, uncovered sculpted rocks of all kinds and a man sitting at a desk writing up the report on what they found.

The old man picks up the pendant he found and then the rock head he found and takes a look.

MERRIN (In Iraqi language): Evil against evil.

The man at the table looks confused.

MAN (In Iraqi language): Father...

We then see the clocks pendulum stop over the old man's shoulder. He turns around and walks toward it. After looking, he sits down beside it. As he sits the man at the desk stands up.

MAN (In Iraqi language) : I wish you didn't have to go.

MERRIN (In Iraqi language): There is something I must do.

OUTSIDE ARCHAEOLOGIST'S OFFICE: The two men shake hands and hug. The old man walks away and a group of people bow in a row.

MARKET PLACE - ALLEY WAY: The old man walks through the noisy, crowded alley way and exits through the other side. As he exits he approaches a tunnel, in the distance we can here a bell ringing quite fast. As the old man gets closer to the tunnel, the bell gets louder.

When he reaches the tunnel, a horse and cart flies out in front of him, aboard the cart we see a frightened old women. The old man looks around as if he was lucky to survive.

NINEVEH: The old man arrives back at that dig site in a small jeep. As he pulls up, two armed guards rush out. When they see who it is, the old man gives them a wave and they slowly walk back to their quarters.

The old man walks up the rocky mound and sees a huge statue of the demon Pazuzu, which has the head of the small rock he found earlier.

He climbs to a higher point to get a closer look. When he reaches the highest point, he looks at the statue dead on.

He then turns his head as we hear rocks falling and sees a guard standing behind him.

He then turns again when he hears two dogs savagely attacking each other. The noise is something of an evil nature.

He looks again at the statue and we are then presented with a classic stand off side view of the old man and the statue as the noises rage on. We then fade to the sun slowly setting as the noises lower in volume.

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