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Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee

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People murmuring, baby crying, people continue murmuring, crying, murmuring fade, boy grunting, moaning faintly.

Dog panting, low growling, barking, barking continues.

Boy screaming in distance, barking continues in distance, boy screaming, panting in distance, boy screaming, barking continues, barking grows louder, boy howling.

Tomas: Now, Peter... he never misses a chance to show off. He sees Jesus walking across the water and he says, "You know something, I bet I can do that." And so Jesus tells him, "Get out of the boat, start walking."

Microphone feedback hums.

Tomas: Sorry, guys. Uh, can you hear me? Is this thing working? Can you hear me, guys?

Feedback squeals.

Tomas: No? Okay.

Tomas: (clears throat) So... Peter starts walking across the water, he's having a great time, waving to everyone. Except, again, this is Peter we're talking about. And what does he do? He looks down. What do you think happens next?

People chuckling.

Tomas: That's right, Luis. He drops like a rock. Just like that. And then Jesus grabs his arm, tosses him back into the boat and he says, "What's wrong with you? I said you could walk on water. Why didn't you believe me? " It's okay to have doubt. It's okay to have questions. God wants you to find your own way. But sometimes, every now and then, God gives you a job to do. And when that happens, you have to drop everything and just start walking. (sighs) Thank you for coming. Thank you.

Tomas: Hey, Casey. How's your sister doing? She's back home, right?

Casey: Yeah. Uh, she just got her cast off last week. She's a lot of fun. (chuckles)

Tomas: Tell her not to be a stranger.

Casey: Okay. Bye.

Tomas: Bye, Henry.

Henry: Oh, yes.

Angela: Father, that was a lovely service.

Tomas: Oh.

Angela: Casey, he doesn't have his hat on. Um, we want you to have this. This is for you.

Tomas: Oh...

Angela: For the restoration.

Tomas: Angela, this is...

Angela: No, no, no. It means a lot to have somewhere to come that he's very familiar with.

Tomas: How's he doing?

Angela: Uh, good days and bad.

Tomas: You want to talk sometime, my door is always open.

Angela: Thank you.

Casey: Dad.

Angela: Kat? We got doughnuts.

Floorboards creaking.

Angela: Kat?

Quiet rumbling, thump, rumbling stops.

Kat: I'm not hungry.

Train rumbling outside, plates tinkling, muted chatter over TV, knocking, TV continues playing quietly, door opens.

Olivia: Sorry.

Tomas: Hey, sis.

Olivia: Inventory took forever.

Door closes, laughter over TV.

Tomas: Hey, Luis. Buddy. Hey. Luis. Your mom's here.

Olivia: Um... do you want to tell me what this is about?

Tomas: That's... private stuff.

Olivia: Since when do you have Jessica writing you letters? Why are you even talking to her?

Tomas: She's my friend.

Olivia: She's married.

Tomas: Married people can't have friends?

Olivia: Do you know who writes letters? People who don't want to get caught.

Tomas: Olivia, there's nothing to catch, okay?

Olivia: Nothing to catch. That's what you said the first time. Olivia: Tomas, if you don't want to be a priest, then don't be a priest, but you can't keep doing this.

Speaks Spanish.

Tomas: Who said I don't want to be a priest?

Luis: Mom?

Olivia: Hey, baby. Did you have fun? Yeah? Come on. Oh, you have your shoes on. Listen, I'm just saying, Abuelita isn't here anymore. There is no shame in saying, "Hey, I gave it a shot."

Tomas: Hey, I'm not giving anything a shot, okay? I love my job, I'm good at my job. There's nothing going on with Jessica.

Olivia: Promise?

Tomas: Yeah, I swear on this... greasy, amazing pizza that you're gonna have right now.

Olivia: I don't want any...

Olivia and Tomas laugh.

Olivia: You're an idiot. Okay. What do you say to Uncle Tomas?

Luis: Thanks.

Tomas: See you, buddy. Huh?

Olivia: Bye. Thank you.

Brakes squeal softly.

Soul music playing over radio in distance:
Twist your hips from side to side . . . . . Get your hands hanging high . . . . . Are you ready... (music stops)

Bennett: Father Marcus.

Marcus: You're a long way from Rome.

Bennett: Oh, I'm glad you noticed, considering it's your fault. No one's heard from you in 26 days.

Marcus: I'm aware.

Bennett: Are you also aware the church has places for those who would disobey a direct order?

Marcus: You putting me out to pasture, Bennett?

Bennett: If my hand is forced, without hesitation. This cannot continue, Marcus. These people are scared.

Marcus: Scared? You forgotten Haiti? How they tied a bedsheet around that girl's neck? Hung her from the branches of a mango tree...

Bennett: I remember Haiti.

Marcus: ...while we did nothing.

Bennett: I trust you've made progress.

Marcus: Every day is progress. The power's in the repetition.

Bennett: That's very poetic, Marcus.

TV commentator speaking Spanish, boy panting raggedly, TV commentator shouting excitedly, metal rattling, boy growls.

Bennett: What have you done?

Marcus: My job.

Bennett: Your job? That child is going to die.

Marcus: He's a strong boy. I can bring him back.

Bennett: This is so far beyond protocol.

Marcus: Your protocol. Not mine.

Bennett: This ends now! I'm taking that boy to a hospital.

Marcus: Bennett.

Bennett: You would shoot me?

Marcus: Without hesitation. That boy needs my help. I won't abandon him.

Bennett: Rome will not forgive this, Marcus.

Marcus: It's not their forgiveness I seek.

Fan rattling quietly, sniffles, speaking Spanish, boy hisses.

Gabriel: ¿Quieres que te lo cuente otra vez?

Marcus: Gabriel, Gabriel, come back to me. Come back to me.

Low growling.

Marcus: Come back. Tienes que luchar.

Metal rattling.

Marcus: God has not abandoned you.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Marcus. Marcus!

Low growling.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) What is this place?


Freely will I offer you sacrifice.

Marcus: Every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every onslaught of the infernal adversary.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Hello?

Marcus: We command you, begone...

Demonic roar.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Can-can you hear me?

Marcus: ...and fly far from the Church of God.


Gabriel: (demonic voice) Please, can you hear me?


Gabriel: (demonic voice) Marcus! (growling)

Marcus: We command you.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Marcus!

Train brakes squealing outside.

Fred: (over phone) Angela, everything is under control.

Angela: Okay, book Expo. The Palmer is gonna try and grab the late booking...

Fred: The Palmer? When do we worry about the Palmer? Angela?

Angela: Yes?

Fred: Go be with your family.

Angela groans.

Fred: Angela.

Angela: Fine.

Fred: Go. Go.

Angela: Okay.

TV playing quietly, quiet thump, floorboard creaks.

Reporter: The decision comes after years of pressure from banks, which view the elevated capital requirements as onerous. Now, opponents of the higher standard have also argued...

Quiet thumping, whispering voices, wall rattling softly, whispering voices, quiet rumbling.

Casey: Mom?

Rumbling stops.

Angela: Hey, hon. Are you all right? How was practice?

Casey: Practice was fine. (chuckles)

Angela: Good.

Door opens.

Casey: Oh, my God. Is everyone in this family allergic to light? Dinner's ready. Oh, what's that smell? Is that you?

Kat: What do you want?

Casey: I just... just caught Mom crying, so...

That wasn't weird.

Mm. I'm sure that was an accident.

Casey: You're so mean to her.

Kat: She only climbs up on her cross when she wants some attention.

Who does that sound like?

Casey: Hey, we're... we're playing DePaul on Friday, if you wanted to, you know, someday possibly leave this room.

Kat: Pass.

Casey: There will be guys there.

Kat: Hard pass.

Casey: You do realize this pity party thing stops being cute when you're, like... 14?

Kat: Why do you care?

Casey: Because you're my stupid sister. Also, for real, I'm really hungry.

Kat: Go eat without me.

Casey: That's... that's one option. Or... (chuckles) Is that the tickle monster?

Kat: Don't. Casey.

Casey: 'Cause he's coming to...

Kat: Stop it. Don't do it.

Casey: He just wants to say hi.

Kat: Get... Don't...

Casey: Oh, my God, it's a smile. She's smiling.

Kat: Stop it. Stop it.

Casey: She remembers how to smile.

Kat: I'm not kidding.

Casey: She's laughing.

Kat: I'm serious.

Casey: I'm gonna tell Mom you're laughing.

Kat: I'm not laughing.

Casey: (giggles) Yeah, you are.

Kat: (laughing) Stop it.


(organ playing, tools whirring, hammering, tools continue whirring, organ beeps, music stops)

Mrs. Finley: It froze up again!

Tomas: I'm on it, Mrs. Finley! I'm on it.

Mrs. Finley: I told you I can't work this thing!

Tomas: Tara, have you seen the instruction book for the organ?

Tara: I think Mrs. Finley has it.

Sighs, beep.

Tomas: It says "E-R-R"! I'm coming, Mrs. Finley. I'm coming. Ay. (groans)

Man: Sorry.

Door creaks, sighs softly.

Tomas: Oh!

Hisses, quiet thumping, pipes rattling softly, quiet thumping continues, sighs, electricity whirring, both gasp.

Angela: I'm so sorry, Father. They said you were down here.

Tomas: No, it's fine, it's fine. You just, uh... It's fine.

Both sigh.

Angela: Could I, uh... could I speak with you?

Tomas: Yes.

Angela: So... you're gonna think I'm, uh...

Tomas: Um, what's troubling you, Angela?

Angela: (clears throat) Okay. My daughter, Katherine. She's back from college. She took a leave. Car accident. Uh, someone died. Her, um, friend. And... ever since she got back from the hospital, she's different. The way she talks. The way she looks at me.

Tomas: She lost a friend. It's normal.

Angela: It's-it's not depression. I know depression. There are things going on in the house. My house. I come down in the morning, and all of the chairs have been moved away from the table. Or the bookshelves. All of the books are on the floor.

Tomas: Well, maybe Henry's...

Angela: It's not Henry. There are voices inside the walls.

Tomas: Well, you know, I have this fan back home. And sometimes, in the middle of the night, starts to make this strange sound. Like, uh, chaka, chaka, chaka, chaka, chaka...

Angela: There is something inside my house.

Tomas: Angela, I'm...

Angela: And I know how this sounds, but I have 400 employees under me. I'm not a crazy person.

Tomas: No, I'm-I'm not saying you're crazy.

Angela: I'm... It's a demon.

Tomas: A demon?

Angela: And it's trying to take my daughter.

Tomas: Angela, demons, um, aren't real. They are an invention of the Church to explain things like, um, addiction, mental illness. They were not monsters or creatures. Demons are... metaphors.

Angela: Do you think I don't know that? Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to sit here and sound like this? But I am telling you, something is going on. There is a presence, and I feel it. I'm not even trying to convince you to believe me. Just come to the house. Just talk to her. Will you?

Tomas: (sighs) Yes.

Angela: (screams) Oh! Oh, my God!

Raven screeching.

Angela: Oh! Oh, my God!

Screeching, panting.

Train brakes squealing, doors hiss open.

Kat: Clearly, my mom put you up to this. You can just go ahead and tell her I'm fine. I'm wildly aware of the fact that everyone thinks I'm this fragile little ornament, but I'm fine. I'm dealing.

Tomas: And how are you sleeping?

Kat: What?

Tomas: Any bad dreams?

Kat: I don't dream.

Tomas: Not ever?

Kat: No. What is this about?

Tomas: (sighs) Your mother believes that your house has been visited by, um... a presence. A demon.

Kat: (laughing) Oh, my God. (exhales) That's hysterical. You know what's going on here, right? I liked my friend's stupid Wiccan craft store on Facebook. So now she thinks I'm out drinking ram's blood or something. Do you know how embarrassing that is?

Tomas: She's very worried about you.

Kat: She's losing her mind. You've seen my dad and what he's like?

Tomas: Yes.

Kat: Last Christmas, they were taking ballroom dancing classes together. Now she's got to check his ass every time he goes to the bathroom. (sighs) Her whole life blew up, and she's looking for somebody to blame. Besides God.

Tomas: Is that who you blame when things go wrong?

Kat: No. I blame myself. Because that's what you do when you're an adult.

Tomas: Angela, thank you very, very much. Thank you. This is... It's great.

Angela: No, it's just boring old meatloaf. Haven't made a meal in months.

Casey: It's really good, Mom.

Angela: Well, I kind of burnt the edges. Rusty.

Henry: I like burnt edges. A little gristle for the gums.

Tomas: How's the boat, Henry?

Henry: How's that?

Tomas: The boat... did you fix it up?

Angela: He's talking about your boat, Henry.

Kat: You're wasting your time. He's basically a potato.

Angela: Kat!

Casey: Should we get dessert?

Kat: Katherine, what is wrong with you? That's your father.

Kat: Really? Does that look like Dad to you? Dad? Dad?! Hello? Dad?

Angela: Katherine!

Tomas: You know, I had an advisor back in seminary. He was... called in to give the last rites... (clears throat) ...to a young woman in a coma. She was brain-dead. No hope of recovery. So, he goes there, he does his thing, but the next day, she wakes up. It was a miracle.

Angela: That's wonderful.

Tomas: But here's the thing. That woman could remember conversations that took place inside her room while she was in her coma, which suggests... I don't know... to me, anyway, that even when the rest of the body shuts down, there is some part of the brain that stays aware, knows everything that's going on. So keep your damn hands out of his face.

Door slams, man laughs over TV.

Austin on TV: Nice tarpon, Austin!

Man 2 on TV: Good job.

Austin on TV: Sweet! I don't want to let go!

Man 2 on TV: It's done.

Tomas: Hey, Henry, I am taking off.

Henry: Hey, thanks for coming.

Tomas: Oh, it's...

Henry: And thanks for talking to Kat.

Tomas: I know Angela's been...

Henry: Yeah. It's been a rough couple of months.

Tomas: She's a good kid.

Henry: Yeah. She is. Thank you.

Footsteps departing.

Henry: It's just off 41.

Tomas: What's off 41?

Henry: St. Aquinas.

Tomas: What's at St. Aquinas?

Henry: Father Marcus.

Father Marcus? Henry... who is Father Marcus?

Henry: Hey, thanks for coming. And thanks for talking to Kat.

Train brakes squeal, dogs barking in distance.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Marcus!

Hissing, growling, Marcus praying urgently.

Marcus: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who...

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Marcus. (Liverpool accent) Marky-boy. Where are you, lad?

Marcus: I command you, unclean spirit, along with all your minions now attacking this servant of God, by the mysteries of the incarnation, the passion, the resurrection and the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the coming of our Lord for judgment, that you tell me by some sign your name, and the day and hour of your departure!

Demonic voice babbling.

Marcus: The hour of your departure! The hour of your departure. Baptist!

Quiet snarl.

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Not... long... now.

Marcus panting, boy wheezing.

Marcus: And Jesus said... "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened..." (coughs) "...and I will give you rest."

Coughing, deep croaking laugh, metal rattling, growling.

Marcus: (whispers) Gabriel. Gabriel!

Gabriel: (demonic voice) Look upon me, Marcus!

Bones crack, groaning.

Marcus: Oh. No. No, no, no. Please, God. Please, God.

Groaning, bones cracking, neck snaps.

Marcus: Oh, God. No!

Sobbing loudly.

Church bells tolling.

Simon: You look lost, son.

Crow cawing in distance.

Tomas: Hi. Uh, are you talking to me?

Simon: (chuckles) Yeah. Got a name? That would be your hand.

Tomas: Oh. (chuckles) Sorry.

Simon: Well, that's all right.

Tomas: Um... Tomas. Father Tomas.

Simon: From St. Anthony's.

Tomas: How do you know that?

Simon: Who do you think sends you all those wonderful fund-raising letters you throw straight into the trash? I can tell you the name of every priest from here to Massac County. But you... oh, I've heard about you. Father Tomas. (whispers) The rising star.

Tomas: Well, I don't know about that. Uh, do you happen to know...?

Simon: The bishop speaks very highly of you. Says you're exactly the sort of man we need right now.

Speaks Spanish, sighs.

Simon: So, what brings you to our humble home, hmm?

Tomas: I'm... (laughs) ...looking for some answers.

Simon: But do you have the right question? (laughs)

Tomas: What's the right question?

Simon: "What now, God? "Give me a purpose, point me in a direction, make me your divine instrument." Once you ask Him that, you'll be surprised how much the old guy has to say.

Tomas: "What now, God?"

Simon: Just like that.

Tomas: Hmm.

Crow cawing in distance.

Tomas: Sorry.

Simon: Hmm? Take care now.

Classic pop music playing: . . . . . Created a miracle and sent it out . . . . . An angel like you . . . . . When we met, I knew it . . . . .
Right from the start . . . . . You were meant for me and we'd never part . . . . . It was a miracle, a miracle . . . . . Heaven created a.

Tomas: Father Marcus?

Music stops.

Marcus: What do you want?

Tomas: My name is Tomas Ortega. Father Tomas from St. Anthony's. It's in Chicago.

Marcus: What do you want?

Tomas: What can you tell me about demonic possession?

Marcus: Doesn't exist. Enjoy your drive home.

Tomas: I was told you were an exorcist.

Marcus: Who exactly told you that?

Tomas: Does it matter?

Marcus: Yeah, I think it does.

Tomas: It is you.

Marcus: What do you want?

Tomas: Exorcism... does it work?

Marcus: According to the Church, yeah.

Tomas: And according to you?

Marcus: You didn't come here for advice, did you, Father Tomas from St. Anthony's in Chicago? You came for help. Who is it?

Tomas: Um, a girl in my parish. Maybe.

Marcus: So why maybe come to me?

Tomas: I had a dream. Dreams. And... It's the same dream... and you're in it.

Marcus: Go on.

Tomas: There was a child... tied to a bed. You called him Gabriel.

Marcus: What else?

Tomas: There was newspapers in the window, a... a broken crib on the floor. The boy... he died. His neck...

Marcus: Tell me something that wasn't on the news. If you were in the room, what did you see? I... I don't believe you. You-you... I don't believe you, Tomas. You, um... If you were in the room, what did you see?

Tomas: You told him a nursery rhyme.

Marcus: Go on.

Tomas: 18 months ago. Mexico City. It was real?

Marcus: Oh, yeah. Now you believe... let me guess... that God has brought you here to my door...

Tomas: The only thing that I know is that something, somehow...

Marcus: That would be a type of coincidence, Tomas. God, for future reference, isn't the one who works in mysterious ways. You're being manipulated, my friend, by forces you can't even begin to understand. They're gonna love you.

Tomas: They? Who are they?

Marcus: It's an excellent question.

Door creaks.

Marcus: Go home, Father Tomas. Give your homilies, break your bread. Live a long and happy life. You're way out of your depth.

Tomas: You're afraid.

Marcus: Yeah. You should be, too. And Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Clock ticking, door creaks shut.

Marcus: All this time. All this time, and this is what you send me? This is your damn sign?!

Slow, ragged breathing, knocking, slow, ragged breathing continues, loud knocking, crickets chirping.

Angela: Father Tomas.

Tomas: (sighs) Do you believe in God, Angela?

Angela: Wow. Get right to the good stuff. Um... I like the idea of God. Um, I want to believe that good things happen for a reason, and that we're not just a... bunch of molecules smashing into each other. But... I don't know.

Tomas: Hmm.

Angela: What about you?

Tomas: Well, if you talk to other priests... they will tell you they heard God's voice, His... actual voice, calling them to serve. I never had that. Did you know I was born in Chicago? Mm. Right down the street.

Angela: I did not know that.

Tomas: When my parents separated, Olivia, my sister... she stayed here, and I went to... to Mexico to live with my grandmother. She would tell me all the big plans she had for me. She would say... "You watch, mijo. "You watch, and someday you'll become the first Mexican pope." (both chuckle) "Make us all proud." Mm.

Angela: Mm.

Tomas: It always used to bother me that I never heard God's voice. I would say, maybe He never wanted me in the first place. Maybe... Maybe I don't belong here. Tomas: I think God spoke to me today.

Angela: What did He say?

Tomas: He said... "I want you to look at this family." (gasps softly) "I want you to help them, Tomas. "This is your purpose. (sniffles, sighs) This is why you're here."

Thump, girl screams, thumping, low growling, ragged breathing, walls rattling softly, ragged breathing, rattling continues, loud thud.

Angela: Oh!

Tomas: Anybody up there?

Ragged breathing.

Tomas: Katherine?

Low growling.

Tomas: What are you doing here? Katherine?

Groaning, clattering, bottle rolls, clinks.

Tomas: Oh!

Rat squealing, bones cracking, bones snapping, rat squeals, footsteps running, low growling.

Tomas: Casey? Casey.

Growling, grunting.

Tomas: Casey, stop!

Angela: Father?


Casey: Hey, Mom.

Angela: What are you doing up here?

Casey: Father Tomas killed a rat. Whacked it with a book. How badass is that?

Angela: A rat?

Casey: We should get some traps.

Angela: Yeah.

Casey: Don't they say where there's one, there's... there's probably a whole bunch?

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