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Directed & Written by Alec Gillis

Tom Woodruff Jr. - Producer

Joel McNeely - Composer

Spencer Brennon - Art Director

Pat McClung - VFX Supervisor

Robert Skotak - Miniatures/Models

Dennis Skotak - Miniatures/Models

Kyle Wilson - Production Designer

Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki
Executive Producer

Production Companies

Studio ADI

Dark Dunes Productions

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Harbinger Down 2014

Alec Gillis: "It's a monster movie, and as you know it's an homage to John Carpenter's The Thing and Ridley Scott's Alien, so you know, there's got to be an engine room, there's got to be guys walking around with flashlights, monsters, and all that stuff. But hopefully we're giving it some life - a little bit of a fresh perspective. It's just not simply a re-hash of a bunch of stuff you have seen before."

Alec Gillis: "I think we have some fun, aside from a very great cast, we got some very cool deaths and some unexpected moments. It all starts with character, you know, and some of the people - the Harbies who pledged, said 'Please let's have a diverse cast'. Meaning, as much as we love Carpenter's The Thing, it was all a bunch of bearded guys, which was cool - that had a cool effect. But for me, I do like to have a bunch of diverse characters so you have a lot of different points of view and a lot of conflict as possible there.

Atka is the Inuit crew member, so he's the local guy. He's an Eskimo, but don't call him that because he's an Inuit. Lance Henriksen's character and Atka, played by the wonderful Edward Bravo, who's a totally cool guy and has an awesome beard, a mighty sea-faring beard, they're going down to the engine room because something 'bad' is down in the engine room. And somebody's got to die, and it's not going to be Lance Henriksen. He's (Atka) going down there with the threat to die (unknown if he dies).

Alec Gillis: "Lance brought this piece of plaster wall dressing to us, and we vacu-formed it. That was in the sets of Alien 3 (IMAGE ABOVE). So we thought this would be a cool little homage to Alien 3. So that comes courtesy of Lance Henriksen, because he 'acquired it' and has had it in his home for awhile. So we got a lot of little homages to Alien and The Thing."

Tom Woodruff: "In terms of the technical achievement, it's exciting because it was totally funded through crowd funding - through Kickstarter. It was primarily from fans who love practical effects. Which we do not get enough of a chance anymore because film has been overtaken by a tidal wave of digital effects.

So this is our chance to come back and say there's another way to make movies, to make them more personal and make them more emotional. Because it's not about the spectacle of gigantic effects, it's about the visceral and it hits you in the gut. Some amazing stuff that happens during the course of this story that affects our characters on a one to one basis rather than affect the entire scene."

Tom Woodruff: "Gillis was very smart in that when he started the Kickstarter campaign, he went to fans and said 'we're going to do this. And based on what you guys bring in to us in terms of funding, that's going to shape the story.' He wrote the script to the budget instead of trying to make something way too big to fit in a shoe box."

Harbinger Down: Cast / Characters | Film Crew | Image / Video Gallery

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