Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams

A "no-nonsense and battle-hardened" pilot of the Resistance who suffers from survivor's guilt and serves as a romantic interest for Marcus.

McG characterizes her as continuing the feminine strength that has been prominent throughout the franchise.

Common as Barnes

A resistance soldier and John's right-hand man.

Common stated the character was not much development, being "only just a bad-ass character, you know, really the big heavy of the movie", before McG's intervention.

Common agreed with this, as "I didnít want to just be the big, bulky guy there" and worked on the emotional side, "thinking about how it would be in a world thatís post-apocalyptic, a world where, you know, things have been destroyed and weíre really fighting for survival."

Helena Bonham Carter as
Dr. Serena Kogan

An ex-Cyberdyne scientist who convinces Marcus to donate his body for her research. Her face is later used by the Skynet computer to communicate with Marcus.

Tilda Swinton was originally considered for the part, but Bonham Carter replaced her before filming. She accepted the part because her domestic partner, Tim Burton, is a Terminator fan. Her role was a "small but pivotal" one and would only require ten days of shooting.

On July 20, 2008, Bonham Carter delayed filming by a day, and was given an indefinite leave due to the death of four of her family members in a minibus accident in South Africa.

Roland Kickinger as the T-800 Model 101

The T-800 Model 101 is the first Terminator covered in living tissue.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's facial likeness was utilized via CGI, with a mold of his face made in 1984 scanned to create the digital makeup.

Fellow Austrian bodybuilder and actor Kickinger, who previously portrayed Schwarzenegger in the 2005 biographical film See Arnold Run, was his physical double on set. When asked about his role, Kickinger said it's "Arnold's character in the first Terminator.

That's basically my role, but 20 years before, so it establishes how the Terminator came about." Polish strongman athlete Mariusz Pudzianowski was also considered for doubling Schwarzenegger.

If Schwarzenegger had decided not to lend his appearance to the film, then John would have shot the T-800s face off before the audience got a good look at him.

Jadagrace Berry as Star

A nine-year-old girl in Kyle's care. Born after Judgment Day, Star is mute due to the trauma of the post-apocalyptic world. However, this has given her the unnatural ability to sense when a Skynet machine is approaching.

Michael Ironside as General Ashdown

The leader of the Resistance.

Dorian Nkono as David

Ivan G'Vera as General Losenko


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John returns to Resistance headquarters located aboard a nuclear submarine and tells General Ashdown, the current leader, of his discovery. Meanwhile, the Resistance has discovered a radio frequency capable of shutting down Skynet machines.

The Resistance plans to launch an offensive against the Skynet base in San Francisco in four days, in response to an intercepted "kill list" indicating that Skynet plans to kill the Resistance's command staff in four days' time. John learns that his own name is second on the list, following Kyle Reese.

The Resistance leaders are unaware of Kyle's importance to Skynet, but John knows that it is because Kyle will later become his father. John meets with his officer Barnes and wife Kate and sends radio broadcasts to Resistance members and surviving civilians around the world.

After walking a great distance in a desert surrounding, Marcus moves along a slight rise. Behind him we see the destroyed remains of the famous Hollywood sign. Reaching the edge of the rise, he sees in the distance a decimated city, buildings collapsed into rubble. The ruins of Los Angeles.

Arriving in the city, Marcus takes in the city wide destruction: rubble, broken glass, random walls still stand. Caved-in storefronts, tattered signs on the ground. Hulks of cars, rusted, windowless. It's been over a decade since the bombs fell. Marcus is the only thing alive here. He plods on through the dead city's outskirts.

As Marcus moves down the center of the cluttered street, from the opposite direction, he sees a figure. The first living creature he's seen. Marcus shouts out excitedly and starts approaching the figure who notices him. Marcus freezes in his tracks. That isn't human. It's a T-600, a plastic-skinned terminator armed with a heavy machine gun. It wears a motley collection of found clothing so ragged not much covers it's metal body.

A male humanoid face, but unnatural and motionless, like masks. The mask of this T-600 is all but gone. The terminator opens fire as multiples rounds kick up the ground just in front of Marcus. Suddenly, like a bullet a figure tackles Marcus to the ground, and cover from weapons fire. Scrawny and filthy, in his early to mid teens. He wears layers of tattered, over-sized clothing.

Marcus is saved from the T-600 Terminator by Kyle Reese and his mute companion Star by dropping a massive railroad chassis, crushing it's metal body. The little girl, Star, is a few years younger than the Kyle. She wears an aged, beloved baseball cap with a star on it. Suddenly in the short distance, a roving Hunter-Killer appears, moving in their direction. It's mass knocks down a delapidated building.

Quickly, automatically, the kids dive for cover behind a wall of debris, Marcus following them. The H-K moves on, failing to pick out the humans. Marcus is dumbfounded. The flying death machine has vanished in the distance. Later, Marcus manages to repair an old radio, just in time to hear John Connor's radio broadcast. Kyle relates to Marcus the events of Judgment Day and the ensuing war between humans and machines.

The next morning Marcus is walking through a dirt lot of abandoned vehicles, among the heaps is an aged, open jeep, its hood up. The cars are covered in dust, the tires flat, they've been sitting here for a decade. Marcus manages to get the old jeep in running order, as soon as power is applied, music blares, raucous heavy metal.

Star is inside the jeep staring at the speaker. Both her and Kyle are mesmerized by the music. Though they now have a working vehicle, they argue over which direction to go. Hearing John's broadcast, Kyle wants to find Connor, Marcus wants to go north and decides to forcefully part ways with the two young ones, then suddenly . . .

An Aerostat appears, patrolling the area, looking for survivors. One of Skynet's eyes, a surveillance drone, a scout for the terminators. A disc shaped hovering miniature craft, dark steel with an inset camera lens - the familiar red glow. Kyle vaults in, getting behind the wheel as Marcus hops in the passenger side, Kyle floors it. Marcus sees the Aerostat is keeping pace with the vehicle, red lights flashing.

During pursuit, the Skynet spy drone identifies Kyle as seen from it's pixellated electronic view. Marcus grabs an X-shaped lug wrench, taking aim and hurls the wrench with amazing speed and power. It flies like a throwing star and smashes the Aerostat to bits in a shower of sparks and metal. The three of them stare breathlessly for a moment. Marcus flexes his hand, startled at his own strength. They escape into the desert.

Motivated by John's radio broadcast, the three leave Los Angeles in search of the Resistance. In the desert, Kyle spots a Resistance symbol at a seemingly abandoned 7-11. The man who meets them is hostile and refuses to lend them food or gasoline, but the compound's leader, Virginia, refuses to let the trio leave until Star gets some food.

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