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Dredd - 2012 | Story & Screenshots

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Dredd works his way towards Ma-Ma, killing or incapacitating anyone who seeks to stop him, making an announcement over the PA system.

Dredd: Inhabitants of Peach Trees, this is Judge Dredd.

Ma-Ma: Let him talk.

Dredd: In case you people have forgotten, this block operates under the same rules as the rest of the city. Ma-Ma is not the law... I am the law. Ma-Ma is a common criminal; guilty of murder, guilty of the manufacture and distribution of the narcotic known as Slo-Mo, and as of now under sentence of death. Any who obstruct me in carrying out my duty will be treated as an accessory to her crimes... you have been warned. And as for you Ma-Ma... judgment time.

Anderson suggests they hide while awaiting assistance but Dredd insists they move up the tower and pursue Ma-Ma.

Judges Volt and Guthrie respond to Dredd's call, but the Clan Techie denies them entry by persuading them the call is part of the security drill.

A pair of armed teens confront Dredd and Anderson, allowing Kay to disarm Anderson and escape with her as hostage. He brings her to Ma-Ma's base on the top floor. At one point, Dredd kills twelve people by burning them alive with an incindiary grenade from his Lawgiver.

Kay: How the fuck are we gonna stop this guy?

Ma-Ma: Call 911.

While Dredd works his way toward Ma-Ma, she finally realizes that the Judges are getting dangerously close to her penthouse, she calls in corrupt Judges Lex (Langley Kirkwood), Alvarez (Edwin Perr), Chan (Karl Thaning) and Kaplan (Michele Levin) to kill Dredd and Anderson. The four enter the building and "relieve" a group of Judges outside who where intending to enter the compound after receiving an emergency 10.24 radio broadcast from the two judges trapped inside.

We see TJ still holed up in the medical facility, refusing to help either side. He sees Lex's team and goes out to approach them. They quickly assassinate him.

When Dredd encounters Chan and becomes suspicious that he does not ask about Anderson's status, Chan realizes his cover is blown and the two engage in intense hand-to-hand combat.

Judge Chan: Choke on it Dredd!

Dredd shoots Chan in the foot with his own Lawgiver pistol strapped to his thigh before proceeding to belt him in the throat multiple times with the stock of the gun, severely crushing Chan's windpipe and leaving him to quickly suffocate to death.

Dredd: Choke on that.

Meanwhile, Kay confronts Anderson and insults her before planning to execute her with her Lawgiver.

Kay: You got any last words, bitch?

Anderson: That's funny. I was gonna ask you that. Bitch.

Kay fires, but the pistol's DNA scanner doesn't recognize him and activates a self destruct sequence causing it to detonates in his hand, blowing his forearm off. Anderson then performs a powerful, most likely fatal roundhouse kick to his temple.

Anderson quickly escapes and leaves Kay to bleed out. A moment later, she encounters Judge Kaplan, whom she promptly shoots dead after reading her mind and discovering her objective was to kill her.

Elsewhere, Dredd kills Alvarez by firing a Hi-Ex (high explosive) round into his head, which immediately detonates.

Dredd realizes this was his last round, so he remains in cover behind a brick separator wall.

Dredd: What's the price of a Judge these days?

Lex: Million. Split four ways.

Dredd: Three ways now.

Lex: Suits me.

Dredd: Doesn't sound like much. To betray the law. Betray the city.

Lex: Save that shit for the rookies. 20 years I've been on the streets. You know what Mega City One is, Dredd? It's a fucking meat grinder. People go in one end, and meat comes out the other. All we do is turn the handle.

Lex then fires several armour piercing bullets through the wall, one of them passing through Dredd's abdomen. Lex moves in to execute Dredd.

Dredd: Wait.

Lex: "Wait?" Are you kidding me? Did you just say, "Wait"? Judge Dredd - *the* Judge Dredd - finally gets on the wrong end of a gun and all he says is, "Wait." You know what? I expected more from you. I mean, wait for what? Wait for me to change my mind? Wait for another two or three seconds of life because you are so fucking weak you can't stand to see it end?

Dredd: No.

Anderson gets a clear shot on Lex from behind, killing him instantly

Dredd: Wait for her to shoot you.

The two Judges prepare to finish the mission.

Dredd: You ready?

Anderson: Yeah.

Dredd: You look ready.

Anderson and Dredd obtain the code to Ma-Ma's apartment from her hacker. She reads the Clan Techie's mind and sees how he was forced into Ma-Ma's services. She allows him to escape.

Dredd: Mind explaining yourself, rookie? Abetting a felon is not just a fail offense. It's a crime.

Anderson: I already picked up the fail when I lost my primary weapon. I'm not gonna be a Judge and I don't need to be a mind reader to know it. He's a victim, not a perp and until my assessment is formally over, I'm still entitled to dispense justice. And that's what I just did by letting him go. Maybe that will be the one difference I do make.

Anderson: The code to Ma-Ma's chambers is 4-9-4-3-6.

Anderson and Dredd use the code to get through Ma-Ma's Penthouse security door and confront her for the first time. Gang members in hiding pop out and fire at the judges. They kill them all, but Anderson is shot and collapses. Dredd keeps his focus on Ma-Ma.

Dredd: Ma-Ma, your crimes include multiple homicide and the manufacture and distribution of illegal narcotics. How do you plead?

Ma-Ma is silent.

Dredd: Defense noted.

Ma-Ma tells Dredd that in the case of her death, a device on her wrist will detonate explosives on the top floors, destroying the building and killing everyone.

Dredd shoots her anyway, but not a fatal shot.

Dredd reasons that the detonator's signal will not reach the explosives from the ground floor, so he forces Ma-Ma to inhale Slo-Mo and throws her down the atrium. She falls hundreds of meters before face planting the cement pavement below, killing her instantly and deactivating the device on her wrist. Dredd and Anderson, both shot, leave down the elevator to the front entrance.

In the aftermath, as the two judges exit the compound, Anderson accepts that she failed her evaluation by previouslly becoming forcfully disarmed while being held captive, and walks away, giving her badge to Dredd. The Chief Judge questions Dredd.

Chief Judge: So what happened in there?

Dredd: Drug bust.

Chief Judge: Look like you've been through it.

Dredd: Perps were uncooperative.

She asks about Anderson's performance; he responds that she has passed. Some time later, we see Anderson walking out of the Judge headquarters, holding her gear and riding off on a motorcycle, showing that she is still a Judge.

Dredd: Mega City One. 800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: Judges.


01 | 02 | 03 | Page 03

Resources: imdb.com, judgedredd.wikia.com

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