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Charley Brewster, is a normal, average teenager living with his divorced mother in a unnamed suburban township. One evening, Charley looks out his window and sees his new neighbors moving in the next door and appear to be carrying what looks like a coffin. Intrigued with his new neighbors, Charley begins to spy on them.

We see Charley the next day at school with "Evil" Ed Thompson . . .

Evil Ed: So, did she find out what you're really like?

Charley: Get lost, Evil!

Evil Ed: Oh, call me anything you want. Only you're the one failing trig, not me.

Charley: That bastard! Why didn't he tell us there was going to be a pop quiz?

Evil Ed: That's the point of a pop quiz, Brewster... to surprise you.

One day, a young woman (obviously a call girl) shows up at Charley's house by accident looking for another address and Charley directs her to the house next door. The next morning at school, Charley sees a news broadcast about the police finding "another murder victim" from an unknown serial killer who drains the bodies of blood.

Evil Ed: Charley, that wasn't the only murder. Second in two days. And get this... [smirking] Both of them had their heads chopped off. [chuckling] Could you believe it?

Charley: You're sick.

Later, Charley, suspecting something sinister about his new neighbors, ventures into their yard. Billy Cole lunges out and surprises Charley as Charley is opening the basement storm door.

Billy: Hey, Kid! What are you doing?

Charley: Nothin'...

Billy [smiling menacingly]: Oh, yeah? Well, just see that it stays that way... Kid.

That evening, Charley spies on the house next door and sees Jerry Dandridge about to bite the neck of a young girl. He tells his mother what he saw, but she passes it off as Charley's imagination. Charley tries to tell his girlfriend Amy Peterson, but she doesn't believe him, and begins to worry about Charley's mental well being.

Another day later, Charley calls the police with information about one of the murder victims and a detective accompanies him to the house where they meet Billy Cole, Jerry Dandridge's "roommate" who lets them in and shows them around the house. Finding nothing, the detective decides to leave, but Charley tells him to check the basement, which Billy seem adament about letting them go down there.

The detective forces Charley to leave with him and tells him not to ever call on him again, thinking that Charley has an overactive imagination.

Charley: Look, Detective Lennox, Jerry Dandridge is a vampire!

Detective Lennox: Sure, and I'm Dirty Harry!

Suspecting that Jerry Dandridge is a vampire, he seeks advice from Evil Ed about how to fight vampires.

Evil Ed: And to what do I owe this dubious pleasure?

Evil Ed tells him, from watching movies and documentaries about suspected vampires, that vampires are super strong, have no heartbeat or pulse, have vulnerabilites to holy water and crosses. They also cast no reflection in a mirror and they and can only be killed by fire, decapitation, sunlight, or a wooden stake through the heart. Ed also tells Charley that a vampire cannot enter a person's home without an invitation.

Charley goes home and begins to fortify the house, knowing that Dandridge can enter whenever he feels like it. However, he finds Jerry in his living room waiting for him... having been invited in by Charley's mother.

Jerry: What's the matter Charley? Afraid I'd never come over without being invited first?

Dandridge is seemingly friendly and tells Mrs. Brewster about Charley showing up at his house today, and she reprimands Charley not to do it again. Charley races up back to his room.

Jerry [making a veiled threat to Charley]: See ya . . . soon.

That evening, Dandridge enters the house from a second floor window and hides in a closet in Charley's bedroom. When Charley gets ready for bed, Dandridge suprises him . . .

Jerry: Now we wouldn't want to wake your mother, would we Charley? 'Cause then I'd have to kill her too, RIGHT?

Dandrige throws Charley across his room and picks him up by the throat.

Jerry: Do you realize how much trouble you've caused me? Spying on me. Almost disturbing my sleep this afternoon. Telling policemen about me! You deserve to die, boy. Of course . . . I can give you something I don't have. It's a choice. Forget about me, Charley. Forget about me, and I'll forget about you. What do you say, Charley?

Charley pulls out a small cross from his pocket, but Dandridge catches him and twists it from Charley's hand before he can raise it to Dandridge's face.

Jerry: Fool!

When Dandridge tries to choke Charley to death, he stabs the vampire in his right hand with a pencil.

Wounded and angry, Jerry terrorizes Charley by revealing his true vampire demonic image, complete with red eyes, fangs, claws, and a roaring with a wolf-like rage, but waking up Charley's mother.

Dandridge gives Charley a clinched fist threat and flees.

Moments later, as his Billy tends to his wounded hand, Jerry phones Charley informing him he has destroyed Charley's car and threatens that is nothing compated to what he is going to do to him tomorrow night.

The next morning, Charley then seeks out help of favorite vampire killer, Peter Vincent, a former actor who hosts TV segments of horror movies that Charley watches and who claims to be a real vampire hunter. Charley confronts Vincent at the studio where he works and tells him that his neighbor is a vampire and is going to kill him. Vincent, like everyone else, brushes off Charley's claims as an overeager teen with an overactive imagination.

Charley does not go to school that day. Evil Ed and Amy visit Charley at his house and finds him secluded in his bedroom with crosses hanging everywhere.

Hearing him talk about Peter Vincent, Evil Ed and Amy visit Peter at his apartment where they tell him about their friend and persuade him to prove to him that vampires don't exist. Vincent calls Dandridge at his house and offers to come over the next night with Charley to debunk Charley's theory that he is a vampire.

The following evening, Charley, Ed, and Amy wait just outside Dandridge's house for Peter to arrive. Moments later, Peter shows up and formally introduces himself to Charley.

Peter: I am Peter Vincent, vampire killer!

Billy lets them in and introduces them to Jerry Dandridge.

Jerry: Mr Vincent. I've seen all of your films. And I found them... very amusing!

Amy seems mesmerized by Jerry. Vincent tries to show Charley that Jerry is not a vampire by having him drink a vial of holy water. Jerry drinks the water with no effect. Charley is still not convinced, he challenges Jerry to hold a Holy Cross and produces one. But Peter intervenes and apologizes to Jerry for taking up their time.

However, after Vincent sees Jerry casts no reflection in his small compact mirror, he gets scared, but puts on a forced smile, gathers up the kids and they all leave. Mr. Vincent hurries to his car. After pleading with Peter what he saw, he admits to Charley that Jerry had no reflection in his mirror and then he drives away fast.

Jerry finds the broken mirror piece dropped by Peter and leaves as well. As Charley, Amy and Ed walk away, Evil Ed decides to leave Charley and Amy by walking in a dark alley. Evil Ed fails to listen to Charley's warning that Jerry really is a vampire and heads down an alley as Charley and Amy look on . . .

Charley: Let him go. No vampire's gonna want him anyway. Probably give him blood poisoning.

A moment later, they hear Evil Ed scream and go running to him . . .

Charley: Jesus, I warned him!

Evil Ed: He got me, Charley! He bit me! You know what you're gonna have to do now, don't you? Kill me. Kill me, Charley... before I turn into a vampire, and... GIVE YOU A HICKEY!

Charley is furious at Ed for his prank and leaves with Amy . . .

Charley [to Ed]: You're gonna get yours someday.

Evil Ed: Oh, yeah. When? When I'm bit by a vampire? There are no such things as vampires, fruitcake!

Ed heads down the alley, and it gets darker, he is unaware Jerry is stalking him.

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