Alien and Predator Zone

SFMZ showcases the Alien and Predator film series along with feature topics and multi-media. Also included are features such as the Predator Roll Call, Alien Script Showcase, and Alien Galleries.

Avatar Movie Zone

Here at AMZ you will find that our showcase on James Cameron's sci-fi adventure and worldwide box office champ is the most extensive coverage on the web. Explore numerous pages of Avatar features, image galleries, SFMZ exclusive interviews, and much more.

Star Trek Universe

Stories and screenshots from Star Trek 1 to the rest of the franchise and The Next Generation TV series. Also includes a gallery of "Horrific" images of the Star Trek universe and a Star Trek Starship Size Chart.

Star Wars Franchise

Enhanced script presentations for Star Wars Episodes I through VI, and more. The presentations include hundreds of screenshots in sequential order along with highlighted dialogue, plus more features on Star Wars in this section.

Who Goes There and The Thing Films

Detailed stories and screenshots of all Thing films and literature. Also features an in depth analzysis of the The Thing and Who Goes There universe.

2001 A Space Odyssey

In our showcase for 2001 A Space Odyssey, you will find several features including image and video gallery, movie info, text only script, and our 2001 ASO Enhance Script Presentation - This presentation of the 2001 ASO script offers a robust display with highlighted dialog and images from the film in sync with the story line.

Blade Runner

Our Blade Runner showcase also features an Enhance Script Presentation. Other features include Blade Runner Text Only Scripts, Film Analysis and Comparisons, Image and Video Galleries, Posters, Blade Runner Concept Art, and more.

SFMZ showcases a number of Fantasy genre films including Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Indian Jones franchise, and more. Be sure to check out our special feature Game of Thrones Characters Map. Click on any kingdom on the GOT map and it will showcase all the characters from that region. House Stark, King's Landing, Volanitis, Braavos, we feature all the great realms of the Game of Thrones.

SFMZ's Chambers of Horror - Horror feature films are presented by categories. Loads of content including The Exorcist franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Friday the 13th franchise, Halloween franchise, and much more.

We feature a huge section on comic hero movies, often called a subgenre of Sci-Fi. Stories, screenshots, dialogue and other highlights on Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe, and many more.

SFMZ's More Sci-Fi

More Sci-fi is loaded with special articles on sci-fi movies such as the Top Ten Sci-Fi Planets, The Greatest Sci-Fi Hand Weapons, Sci-Fi at the Box Office, The Greatest Sci-Fi CGI Scenes, and much more.

Gallery of Famous Monsters of Filmland Covers

For decades, Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine has a rich tradition in Horror Cinema. FMOF is the first horror fan magazine in history and arguably the most well known. This feature showcases a collection of most of the artistic magazine covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Interview with Character/Creature Designer Jordu Schell

We had the fortunate opportunity to speak by phone with Jordu Schell who's talent as a designer and sculptor is world renowned. His credits include 'Avatar', '300', 'Hellboy', and many more.

The Horror of Star Trek

Suggesting the Star Trek franchise is anywhere associated to the horror genre is of course preposterous, but for grins, I created this gallery showcasing the most horrific visuals from the span of Star Trek feature films.

The Transcendental Science of Avatar

Astronomer and Best Selling Author Abdul Ahad weighs in on the science of Avatar exclusively for SFMZ.

Alien and Predator Universe: A Cinema Timeline

This pictorial storyboard so to speak, encompasses the chain of events throughout the Alien, Predator, Prometheus, and AVP run of films. Other than the movies, no virals or external sources (fan fiction / theories, games, comic books) were referenced regarding the timeline.

The Amazing Art of Avatar Concept Artists

To get a feel of the top notch artistic talent that James Cameron gathered for Avatar, explore SFMZ's showcase of the incredible artists who have contributed to the science-fiction epic. Their SFMZ gallery showcase includes samples of their personal works, other film projects, and some artists have samples of their Avatar concept art.

100 Most Memorable Horror Icons

Iconic characters of various cinema genres leave a long lasting impression, but it's the horror character icon that burns into the memories of cinema fans, twisting their pleasant dreams into ghastly nightmares. Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, Nosferatu, The Wolf Man, King Kong - you will find them all here at this gallery.

Spotlight on James Cameron

This showcase is our comprehensive James Cameron online dedication. Over 20 years of Cameron articles and interviews, along with a detailed biography, and more.

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