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Riley's crew head to the army post where they can get a vehicle, but they find it in flames and in ruin from the previous massacre that took place when Cholo left. Riley and Manolete go off on their own to search nearby facilites for keys for a jeep and or more ammunition. Charlie and everyone else hang around a jeep as Motown tries to hotwire it. Not really a jeep, more like a woody station wagon converted to a jeep. Charlie licks his rifle, then aims at something lurking about.

Slack asks him why he licks his gun, he says that it catches the light. Slack asks him how can he even see anything, to which he replies, "good eye." He points the rifle at her face. She gets scared and pulls her machine gun out, but Charlie was really aiming directly next to Slack and blasts a zombie square in the forehead.

Riley and Manolete come across a severed foot in an army boot in the supply room. It is dark except for Manolete's flashlight. They hear a dripping sound. They see Brubaker, now a zombie, chewing on a bloody femur bone. Riley blasts his brains out. Upon further searching, they find and take a load of ammunition. They also find more zombies feasting on dead bodies. Manolete is ready to blast them with his machine gun, but Riley tells him that they should use their hand guns. Riley and Manolete blast away at the zombies.

Slack aims her machine gun at Charlie and pulls the trigger, but she was returning the favor by killing a female zombie wearing a bride's veil, behind him. However, the shot was so close to Charlie that his ear starts to bleed (he complains that his shot didn't hurt her). Riley and Manolete meet up with the team at the woody/jeep just as Motown is able to get it started.

Once they are all in the woody/jeep, a decapitated zombie walks up to Manolete and freaks him out. The zombie is not decapitated, though; the head is hanging behind his back. The zombie snaps his head forward and bites Manolete's arm. Charlie takes aim with his pistol and fires a round through the zombie's chest. The head now hanging on his back again, the bullet also goes through it's brain. Pillsbury tends to Manolete as they drive off.

As they travel, Slack tries to get Riley to open up. Riley reveals that his little brother was bitten by a zombie. In less than an hour, he turned and Riley had to kill him. Slack remarks that he said nothing bad happened to him. He says coldly "bad happened to my brother". Slack turns around and kills Manolete, since he is going to soon turn into a zombie.

Kaufman is meeting with his business partners, assuring them measures have been taken if anything goes wrong. He has established outposts with food and supplies on their way to alternative sites for all their families along with support personnel. As for the rest, Kaufman boasts that they can be replaced and that it was he who built this utopia for the elitetists. This speech is directed at a business partner, Bill Sutherland (Jonathan Whittaker), who had interrupted him.

Cholo is working out in Dead Reckoning while talking to Foxy. Cholo justifies his actions by saying that unless he does something, he's going to end up like the poor bastard outside (it's a zombie with a lawn mower). Cholo stops working out, pulls out his spear gun and shoots the zombie in the eye.

It turns out that Riley can track Dead Reckoning with a homing device he placed in its chassis. Slack is now driving the woody/jeep, and Riley tells her to pull over. He instructs Charlie to hold Pillsbury and Motown at gunpoint. Riley knows that Kaufman will probably not live up to their deal and the three soldiers to bring back find Dead Reckoning most likely without Riley and his friends.

Motown denies it, but Riley doesn't buy it. Riley tells them that once they find the truck, he will do whatever he wants with it. Kaufman is never going to see Dead Reckoning again. If they have a problem with his plan, they can get out now. They look out into the woods and see zombies wandering aimlessly, Pillsbury and Motown choose to stay with them. They continue to drive on.

Mouse informs Cholo that the money didn't make it. Cholo instructs his crew to load the six packs. Mouse blasts away a zombie that tried to get into the boathouse. When he goes to inspect the body, he is overrun by zombies, including one dressed like a clown, and they eat him.

Meanwhile, Big Daddy and the zombies are at the lake, and they are all staring at the water. Hundreds of zombies have gathered on a dock. Big Daddy stares at the brightly lit tall skyscraper of Fiddler's Green reflecting in the water, and jumps in, disappearing underneath. At first, the other zombies just stand there confused, wondering what happened to their leader.

We then see Cholo's crew loading ammuniton into the six pack. Cholo instructs them to load the other six. He plans to show them no mercy. Riley figures out where Cholo is going, Mount Washington. With that truck, they will have to take the main roads. Riley plans an alternate route that will beat Cholo there.

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