Sci-Fi at the Box Office

While Sci-Fi films seem to be shunned by the Oscars for the most part, the box office has been a bit more generous with praise, or at least monetarily. Since it's introduction in cinema history, the Sci-Fi genre has grossed close to 40 billion dollars, according to the-numbers.com.

The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films We Enjoy
But Are Universally Hated

There are some sci-fi films that seemed to be universally hated across the cinema kingdom, yet there are a select number of films we consider guilty pleasures.

The Similarities Between
Aliens and Them!

Our second stare and compare between two sci-fi films, James Cameron's Aliens (1986) and Gordon Douglas' Them! (1954).

The Best of Sci-Fi Short Films Online

After viewing dozens of independent sci-fi short films by upstart film makers, we cherry picked a few that are real standouts definitely worth a look.

Sci-Fi Art Gallery

When it comes to science fiction art, there's a rich diversity of talent on the web who explore the artistic cosmos with incredibly fantastic visual realms. In this section, we showcase known and unknown artists who paint the universe with amazing creativity.


Sci-Fi Film History

The history of science fiction films parallels that of the motion picture industry as a whole, although it took several decades before the genre was taken seriously.

Since the 1960s, major science fiction films have succeeded in pulling in large audience shares, and films of this genre have become a regular staple of the film industry.

The Birth of the Sci-Fi Alien

Like any film genre's characters, the movie alien has deep roots in literature. So it's in print text we must go back to explore when the alien character first started surfacing in science fiction stories.

SFMZ's Movie Aliens vs. Pre-historic Real Beasts

Do you think the Tyrannosaurus Rex could defeat the Alien Queen? We compiled matchups between movie aliens and prehistoric beasts, and let our visitors decide the outcome.

SFMZ's Top Sci-Fi Movie Planets

From Dune to Pandora, some sci-fi movie planets capture the movie-goer's hearts with various aspects such as environment, indigenous species, social structure, and more.

The Greatest Sci-Fi Soundtracks

The soundtrack of a sci-film or television is arguably just as critical as the visual awe we experience. We have gathered a crop of great sci-fi soundtracks here along with some audio clips and highlights of the sci-fi soundtrack composers.

Intriguing Characters of Sci-Fi Film

Sci-fi characters come and go, but there are a few intriguing characters that are etched into the memories of sci-fans. This feature explores a few of those characters who made a significant impact on its respective tale.

Award Winning Sci-Fi Movie Villains

AFI has their top 100 Villains of all time list, and it includes all film genres. With this article, I'm going to focus on stand out villains specific to sci-fi film who received various awards or recognition.

The Greatest Hand Weapons of Sci-Fi Film

There are a special few sci-fi hand weapons that command attention by fans, not to mention the marketing sector to capitilize on their popularity. We put together a list of the greatest sci-fi movie hand weapons showcasing firepower that would easily dispatch the biggest and baddest villains or creatures on film.

The Greatest Weapons of
Mass Destruction of Sci-Fi Film

Whether they are needed to liquify our armies or level entire cities, sci-fi film's mega-weapons showed us how to reign global destruction supreme

The Greatest CGI Scenes in Sci-Fi Film

Special effects and sci-fi film seem to go together like baseball and hotdogs, it goes without saying the genre demands it. Of course special effects existed before the computer age, it just had to employ other traditional means, but with the introduction of computer graphics, this new craft opened the sci-fi genre into a much larger world of cinematic creativity.

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