The Best Sci-Fi Films of the Year | By Year: 1920 to Current
Including Superhero Films

Compiled by SFMZ Webmaster

For the last several decades, select sci-fi films seem to stand out from all other films of the same genre in the year they were released. Weighing in viewer / critical acclaim, award organizations accolades, and select All Time lists, SFMZ presents the best sci-films by year beginning with 1920 to Current.

Sources used to judge the best sci-fi films of the year include,,, and various sites containing All Time Lists. For the early years, I allowed matinee serials to be included since they were the dominate box office format for sci-fi stories such as in the thirties and forties.

Keep in mind that this is just one of many formats to determine the best sci-films of their respective year, but averaging in critc's consensus, general audience input, film group / committee's praise, and earned accolades, it does give a broad spectrum of resources with no one critical sector dominating the final results.

You'll notice that a few films are listed the best for more than one year in this list. Some years simply did not offer anything of value for that given year, so no film was selected and the year number is included in the next eligible sci-fi film of the year. I also highlight a few films of a given year to give a small sample what else was released that year, but obviously I couldn't list every single sci-fi film of that year without turning this feature into a huge database.

Take note that superhero movies are included due to the significance of sci-fi elements present throughout many of these films. Without sci-fi plot devices, numerous superhero stories simply could not exist. A prime example would be The Dark Knight which was nominated for 13 sci-fi film awards, many from the most recognized sci-fi film accolade organization in the industry, the Saturn Awards.

As you explore this list, you will easily catch the sci-fi trends throughout the decades such as the thirties were dominated by Flash Gordon serials and the Frankenstein franchise. Not to mention the Atomic Age spawned a juggernaut of alien invasions and various other sci-fi plots during the fifties.

The SFMZ Final Score is base on a 1.00 to 10.00 scale. It's your call to designate what increment determines quality. On a personal note, I consider films that receive a 6.00 or higher worth a look (more or less). Sci-fi films rated 7.00 and higher are often praised by viewers and critics, some even award winners. 8.00 and higher are sci-fi films often regarded as classics for older films, and for newer films, they are often regarded by viewers and critics as a must see. Also check out the Final Analysis for the 50 best sci-fi films gathered on one page and Data Collected info.

For each decade, you will also see SFMZ'S Best Sci-Fi Film of the Decade award image on the movie poster of the film that has been judged as the best of that given decade. > > > > >

Let's begin! . . . . . SCI-FI BEST FILMS BY YEAR - 1920 to 1929 > > >


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