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EXT. WESTERN WORLD: Martin and Blane, who have been passed out drunk after a bar fight in the WesternWorld bordello, wake up unaware that there has been a change for the worse. The two men are confronted by the Gunslinger, who challenges them to a showdown.

Gunman Robot: Hold it!

Peter: Come on, not now. Not you again. It's too early.

John: Let me do it this time. . . . Your move.

Blane treats the confrontation like a joke until . . .

John: I'm shot!

Peter: What?

John: I'm shot!

Peter: John? Oh my god!

Gunman Robot: Draw.

Martin runs for his life as the robot implacably follows him.

EXT. WEST WORLD: Martin flees to the other areas of the park, but finds only dead guests, damaged robots, and a panicky fleeing technician. . . .

Peter: Hey!

Crew: Don't shoot me!

Peter: Hey, wait a minute! What's the matter with you?

Crew: Hold out your hands. Let me see your hands! You're a guest. You really gave me a scare. Look, everything's broken down. The machines have gone crazy.

Peter: You know about the machines?

Crew: Yeah, I repair'em.

Peter: There's one chasing me now. A gunslinger.

Crew: Gunslinger. Must be a model 404, maybe a 406. If he is a 406, he's got all the sensory equipment. It's beautiful machine!

Peter: He's after me.

Crew: I don't doubt it.

Peter: What can I do?

Crew: There's nothing you can do. He'll get you. You haven't got a chance.

Peter: There must be something.

Crew: Fella, don't kid yourself. There are things you could try. Acid for his visual system, noise for his hearing. No matter what, he'll always be one jump ahead of you! You haven't got a chance.

Peter: Yes, I do.

Martin manages to open a manhole leading to the underground control area, where the resort's technicians have suffocated since the ventilation shut down.

The Gunslinger stalks Martin through the corridors, arriving at the robot repair facility where Martin lies in wait, pretending to be a disabled robot.

Martin ambushes the Gunslinger by throwing a beaker of hydrochloric acid, found among the repair materials, into its face.

Thinking he has disabled the Gunslinger, he leaves the service area and enters MedievalWorld. However, Martin is again followed by the Gunslinger, whose face has melted but who is still functioning, though its visible spectrum optics were destroyed by the acid.

INT. CASTLE: The robot can still see Martin, but only via infrared backups, and is confused when he moves in front of several flaming torches, something it would not have been programmed to deal with in WesternWorld. The Gunslinger begins to leave the room, but Martin accidentally makes a noise, allowing the Gunslinger to zero in on him again.

When it lunges to strike, its ammunition exhausted, Martin seizes the opportunity to set fire to it with a large torch. Thinking this has destroyed the robot, Martin leaves the burning Gunslinger and wanders out of the great hall, finding what he believes to be a female guest chained up in the dungeon.

Woman: Help me!

Peter: All right. It's all right.

Woman: Help me!

Peter: You're gonna be all right.

Woman: Help me! No water.

Peter: Go ahead. Go ahead and drink.

Woman: No, water.

Peter: I'm trying to help you.

Woman: No, water. No!

Her face bursts into sparks, revealing she is a machine.

Backing away in shock, he is confronted by the still moving burned hulk of the Gunslinger

The Gunslinger continues its attempt to attack him.

However, it falls off a high set of steps in the process and, finally succumbing to damage, shuts down.

Martin, apparently the sole survivor of the humans at Delos, simply sits down on the dungeon steps in a state of near-exhaustion and shock, thinking of the irony of Delos's advertising . . .

V. O.: Why don't you make arrangements to take our Hovercraft to Medieval World, Roman World and Westworld. Contact us today, or see your travel agent. Boy, have we got a vacation for you, vacation for you...for you...for you...


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